Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I thought only Congress could declare war...

And yet, as I hear it, George Walker Bush, the Pretender to the Presidency, is sending aircraft carriers to harass and inflame Iran.

This man is just foaming at the mouth to try and get another 9/11/01 tragedy inflicted on our country so that he can declare a state of emergency, declare martial law, invoke his "rights" under the Military Commissions Act and suspend elections in 08.

The Repukelicans have inflicted a dictator upon us, and there is apparently dickall we can do about it. In fact, 83 year old men who make politically charged statements against George Walker Bush are being visited by his S.S. ... I mean FBI - for making "Threats against the president" by saying that Iraq hung the wrong man when they hung Saddam. Nowhere did the elderly gentleman every once name George Walker Bush, nor did he specifically state whom he considered to be the "right man". But that was enough for the FBI to come knocking on his door.

And now, it appears, the Shrub is going to inflict another tax upon us - or try to. In the guise of "universal health care", he is going to force our employers to consider their portion of the Medical Insurance premiums they pay for us to be counted as "Earned Income"

Do you know what this means, boys and girls? This means that the government will take MORE TAX DOLLARS OUT OF YOUR PAYCHECK TO COVER YOUR INSURANCE - and then turn right back around and ALLOW you to DEDUCT it from income on your tax return. End result? Less dollars for you to spend on a weekly basis. You'll be allowing the government to play with your money for a whole year before you get to use it. AND - for those of you who are hovering just below the next tax bracket - you'll get kicked up into that new tax bracket, and therefore end up paying more taxes in the long run!

So much for the "Dems" being the ones to add sneaky new taxes, huh?

727 days. ITMFA - before more damage is done


BBC said...

He does seem to be getting away with things that I thought wasn't possible with our system of government. I guess you just have to find the right loop holes, and there are many.

Well, I'm not going to spend the day fussing about it. I'm going to work on my camper and chop more firewood for Helen.

At least I will be doing something useful.

watcher said...

Are you aware, Sewmouse, that you don’t need to overpay the government each time you’re paid? You can legally claim any number of exemptions you want to, not just one per each member of your household. This isn’t lying or fraud. It’s ok with the government. The IRS only cares that you don’t UNDER pay and owe them money. Many people adjust their exemptions very closely so they get a very small tax refund back. Some people are uncomfortable with this because they enjoy getting a LARGE check in the spring. But all you have to do is open an interest bearing account and order them to pull money from your checking account, timed to when you get paid (the same amount that is no longer going out in taxes). In the spring you will have even more money then you would have gotten from the government because you will have earned interest. AND if you desperately need some of that money before spring due to a sudden catastrophe, you can take what you need (only you will have that much less in the spring). You’re HR person can probably help you adjust your exemptions to your benefit.

Sewmouse said...

Dear Watcher.

Thank you for your oh-so-concise bullshit response.

I'm a fucking accountant, you retard. I'm well aware of the juggling aspect. However, this is going to count as EARNED INCOME - which means you will have social security and medicare taxes taken from it, you dipshit. Apparently you are stupid enough to not realize that you DO NOT GET A CHANCE TO GET THOSE TAXES BACK.

Now go crawl back into your little self-righteous hole and die in a fire. Kthksbye

watcher said...

Medicare and social security are a couple of programs people like best but are going under the fastest. I would have thought it would please you that everyone (not just you) would be increasing their contributions in these categories. It's certainly better than contributing to the war, isn't it? *shrugs* Oh well, each to their own. I also don't know why you call me names and characterize me as self-righteous. I actually thought I was being helpful. Go figure.

Piper said...

Sewmouse, do you really believe what you're saying, or are you just trying to create a fire so you can stand back and laugh at the flames? Now you can call me names too.