Monday, January 29, 2007

I hate Wells Fargo and WaMu

They've both got the same annoying, aggravating, IN FUCKING FURIATING voice-mail system with the most annoying fucking perky bitches for their autofuckingmated "systems" - even to the point of INTERRUPTING "Eine Kleine Nachtmusik" to tell me they "appreciate my call". Goddess, I hate these people. They should all die in a fire.

All I want is the interest and taxes paid last year so I can get my income tax return rolling. I hate to wait. I want to get this OVER WITH.

Please press 1 if you want us to route you into Voice Mail Hell.
Press 2 for Voice Mail Purgatory
Pressio Threeo Por Espanol
Press 4 if you know your loan number, social security number, Mileage Plus number, Dollar amount of your last 27 bank transactions in chronological order, and can guess how many beans are in the jar on Herb's desk.
Press 5 if you just want to listen to our hold muzak and the repetitive oh-so-soothing droning of our salesbitch.
Press 6 if you need to go to the bathroom and want to call us back later
Press 7 for another huge list of options that really won't get you anywhere.
Press 8 if you want us to laugh at your pathetic attempts to get through our voice mail.
Press 9 for the secret codes to level 20 in Zelda
Press 0 to hear these options again and again and again and again and again.
Press * to go back to the previous menu
Press # to hear the complete lyrics of "Alice's Restaurant" in Armenian.


721 Days - ITMFA


BBC said...

I bank at Wells Fargo, and for the most part I like them. The girls are cute and friendly. If I want to check my account I can do it online.

But there is one guy that works at this branch, I just had to go there today because he forgot to give me my debit card back the other day when I was in there.

That's the second time he's done that. So I just accused him of being a blonde. giggles

Peacechick Mary said...

Then, after pressing numbers and going through the phone maze, the phone automatically hangs up! It is almost impossible to find a human being to speak with and then they don't speak English! No such thing as Customer Service. We might need to buy stock in tranquilizers.

BBC said...

Sometimes if you refuse to push any buttons a live person comes online.

Anonymous said...

The Frogette suggests that you try out this site...might help:

Get Human

They've got a database and everything.

betmo said...

have you seen their commercials on tv? just as annoying.