Monday, January 22, 2007

Another day

So I'm wondering how many times I'm going to have to label my posts like this before I start becoming a "top of the list hit" in Google for someone actually LOOKING for scooters?

In other news, I see from Kvatch that we aren't going to have to register as lobbyists just because we have opinions and write passionately about them. Of course, the "registration" thing was going to be only if you had a readership of 500 or more - so I'm going to have to demand that anyone lurking here speak up and say something so that we can get an accurate count... *giggle*

Like anywhere NEAR 500 people would read my babbling. Most likely less than 15, is my guess.

Not a lot happened this weekend, but I just couldn't seem to get to the computer very often either. Well, except for the mandatory Sunday Night Regulars run - which was fun and a fiasco all at once. Odd how that can happen. I think I need coffee.

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Peacechick Mary said...

I believe the other requirement for registering is that if you receive more than $25,000 to blog for someone else's interest. Yeah, right - like that's going to happen.

Sewmouse said...

Wouldn't that be something! Receiving $25,000 to blog. I could remodel my bathroom AND my kitchen and maybe even get new carpeting!

Whoooo boy. Where do I sign up???

Frederick said...

Was there, like, a football game this weekend...seems everyone is talking about it.

Sewmouse said...

Football game?


Whatever made you think about that?

BBC said...

I missed a football game?


Umm, just what in the hell is a football game anyway? I mean, what is the point?

Kvatch said...

Hey Sewmouse, thanks for the mention. I didn't really think that the 'lobbyist' thing was going to make it by the Senate, too many conservative bloggers against it. :-)

And while we're on the subject, could I trouble you to substitute the permalink for that post? It's scrolled down pretty far on Blognonymous now, and I'm not sure anyone would see it. Here it is:

Thanks. K.

Sewmouse said...

Consider it done, Froggie!!

Between that and the Newt Gingrich 1st Ammendment thing, I think it paints a fairly clear picture of just HOW MUCH they fear us, how much they are terrified that those of us with eyes and a brain can learn and figure out and teach to our less-well-(mentally)endowed Bretheren and Sisteren!!

Kvatch said...

Consider it done, Froggie!!

Many thanks! You're a sweetie.