Friday, November 17, 2006

The "Oh SHIT" moment

Ever have one of those "OH SHIT!!" moments?

Most of us who have driven for any length of time know the moment - it's when you KNOW that you're going to be in an accident - and there's dickall you can do about it... OH SHIT.

Or you watch in horror as the crystal candydish begins a slow-motion freefall off the countertop toward the tile floor, 2 armslength out of reach, because you pushed just that TOUCH too hard on the plastic tumbler you were trying to balance on the side of the sink? OH SHIT.

Yesterday was windy as hell here. Ok, bad analogy. Windy as.... a really, really windy place with lots of strong wind! (Yes, Chicago is "The Windy City" - no, it doesn't have anything to do with the weather. Actually, the nickname came about because of all the hot air blowing out of the Chicago City Council chambers. REALLY!!)

But I digress.

So last night I got home late because I had to stop and pay the mortgage, then I stopped to pick up drugs (at the PHARMACY, you perv!!) and then stopped at JoAnn Fabrics where I found some utterly delightful winter fabric with penguins all over it.

So I'm schlumping down the back alley in the dark, and I get to my gate, which is blown open again (nothing new) - and go for the back door... which is open.

I never leave the door open. I especially never leave the door open when it's freaking COLD outside. I'm horror-struck. Someone must have broken in?? What about my TV? The computer? The Stereo? The CATS!!!??

Now - sensible me - did I call the cops? Fuck no. I flipped on the kitchen light and looked about. Microwave? Check. TV? Check. VCR/DVD/Stereo? Check. Computer? Check. Cats? Maow... Maowwwwwowwwww!!! Check.

It was very windy yesterday morning when I left for work. Windy as a really, really windy place with lots of strong wind. Last nite my bedroom was hotter than hell. (See how we get back to hell again? Works that way.) I'm guessing that in my hurry to not be late for work, I didn't pull the door real tight and check it twice like I usually do, and the only "unauthorized entrance" was from the wind.

Goddess, I hope so, because I'd hate to find out later that someone had been in there and stole all my Raisin Bran or something...


pissed off patricia said...

Thank goddess it was only the wind. It amazes me that the cats didn't go out. I sure am glad they didn't.

We had a Oh Shit moment last weekend. We were driving south on US-1. Three lanes of traffic all rolling along about 45mph (in area of shopping centers etc) I'm looking at some stuff I had just purchased and I hear Mr Pop say, oh fuck! I looked up and there was a car coming toward us. The idiot didn't see the hwy was divided and was heading north in the south bound lane. He missed us but came damned close to taking out another car before he finally got straightened out. When we got to where we were going minutes later, I think anyone near us could hear our hearts still beating loud.

One other oh shit moment was the night that I saw Mr Pop reach to close the cabinet door in the kitchen. He missed the cabinet and his hand hit the clock which fell to the counter and broke six of my martini glasses that were sitting there. That's serious when someone breaks any of those glasses. I collect odd martini glasses and after that I six less than before.

Here's to no more "Oh Shit" moments
Have a great weekend!

Peacechick Mary said...

And the furnace running!!! That would be a scary thing, but I'm glad everything turned out ok.

The Dark One said...

That was actually me... I left the cats alone but did rummage thru the panty drawer....

BBC said...

I believe that shit is the third most used word we use.

I glad that everything turned out well. I went to the hot springs one day, locked my truck up, returned to see that I had left the window down. LOL

Jo Ann's here is a cool store, but probably smaller than your store.

I think I got through yesterday without an Oh Shit moment. And I got a few things done here. Hugs.