Monday, November 20, 2006

Oh Hell, it's Monday

Again. dammit.

And another weekend without doing all the things on my "do all this crap" list. I sleep too much. I blog too much, I play WoW too much, and I just don't even like leaving the house very much, these last few weeks.

I'm afraid I'm becoming a total recluse, and I really don't want to do that. I did, however, stop on the way home Friday and get some more St. John Wort so maybe that will kick-start the old seritonin again. I still feel like if I could just get things back to "normal" with the blood sugar, heart beat, circulation and SLEEP, I'd get back some of the energy to do other stuff.

Lea sent me a link to a place that has all kinds of information about volunteering for stuff for the DNC. I looked up my area, and as I had suspected, it is pathetically under-represented. While my state is beautifully Blue, it scares me to think that there are so many of us lower middle-class and lower who are being inactive here in one of the most diverse counties in the state (and one of the few RED counties!)

I plan to look into it further.

Now is not the time to let up. Now is not the time to sit on our laurels and be contented with a SLIM majority in Congress as of January. We cannot let up the fight, and we cannot begin to think of undoing the damage done by Bush and Co. if we don't continue to fight as if our country's Constitution and Freedom depended on it - because IT DOES.

Not into a lot of obvious, in-your-face protesting against the war and against the erosion of our civil liberties here at home? Check out The Kommandos Progect, a means of getting out the word without getting in-your-face.

Back to work - back to that damned bank statement. Have a WONDERFUL day, everyone!


BBC said...

Maybe we do blog too much, but it's cheap, entertaining, a good way to share with each other, and it keeps us off the streets.

I've been staying home more also, never got to Beer Church one evening last week. And I would spend more time at home if I had someone to spend it with.

Or we would wander off camping and such. But that is just a delusion I have, I know that I will live alone the rest of my life.

And I've started doing more around here, for me, instead of for others, I need to get this junky yard looking better. So they can raise my taxes ya know.

No sweat on the double posts hon, it happens to all of us at times. I cleaned it up. Have a good day, Hugs.

Peacechick Mary said...

I think so many of us were holding our breath during the last election that we are depleted. I know, I had such low energy for awhile and just went with it and rested more and did things that were fun, too. Now, I'm up and running again. Have you ever tried SAMe? It also raises the seritonin levels and helps joints feel better. Take care. Have some fun and laugh whenever you can.

Anonymous said...

The site I sent you the link to is so that people can start now building the state by state, precinct by precinct organization that will be required to get out the vote next election. It is a chance to be on the ground floor if you want to get involved, and to spend only as much time as you have to offer.

Right now I'm just writing stuff out there and looking around. If something comes up that challenges me, then there may be more. I've already had a Sentator ask to add me to his friend's list. I sorta liked that.