Thursday, November 16, 2006

Why cant' it be "Follow the Butterflies?"

Leandra and I were on the phone laughing about that the other nite. If you aren't already aware, in one of the Harry Potter books, Harry and his friend Ron are told to "Follow the spiders". Ron starts to whimper and says "I hate Spiders! Why does it have to be follow the spiders? Why can't it be follow the butterflies?"

It seems like I spend an inordinate amount of time "following the spiders" both literally and figuratively.

Figurative spiders like bills, chores, obligations - that tend to sneak up from behind and create "webs" that snag you into a frenzy of futile cleanup, only to find that the suckers have been breeding and piling up behind you while you were cleaning up the last batch.

Real spiders, who seem to think my house is Club Med for the winter. They're small ones, hardly can find one - but they make HUGE webs. And every time I take out my long-handled dusting thingy (it looks like a very longhaired cattail fern on the end of an adjustable pole), and think I've gotten them all, I find 1/2 dozen more the minute I put it away. I need to find some lavendar oil spray, I think. I'm told it keeps spiders away. I'll just spray it everywhere. So what if my house smells like the stage for a remake of Arsenic and Old Lace? It would be worth it.

Speaking of Arsenic and Old Lace - I want to find an Aspidistra. I have many, many patterns for antimacassars, but I want an Aspidistra - they say they are darn near impossible to kill, and I HATE Mother-in-law's Tongue (the other kill-proof houseplant), so I want one. Although I don't know if cats eat them. If they do, then I want one as soon as the cats depart for their afterlife.

Picked up a copy of "The DaVinci Code" movie DVD at Costco last nite. I liked that movie. I am thinking of getting my air conditioning fixed next month. YES I KNOW IT'S DECEMBER!! I figure the AC repair guys will be happy to get some work. Besides, it is a 3-paycheck month. :o)

Ok, back to the joy of Accounts Payable! Fun!! Excitement!! Receiver Matching and GL Coding!!! and if that's not good enough - I HAVE A BANK STATEMENT TO BALANCE!!!!

Just shoot me now, ok?


pissed off patricia said...

Funny you should mention spiders. I told Mr Pop last night that I had discovered something. I told I believe there are invisable spiders. I find their webs connecting everything in my house together, but I find no spiders. Like you said, by the time you get them all they have put them back wherever you began. To bad the webs aren't in colors, then we could just call them decorations.

Over at MM, Robert came back and replied to your comment. Just thought you might want to know. :)

Peacechick Mary said...

Good luck finding the aspidistra/cast iron plant. We keep looking, but so far - Nada. You'd think they would be in abundance since they are touted everywhere. Hope you have better luck.

Croila said...

Wow ... three paycheque month? That is WEIRD. I used to get paid weekly years ago when I did temp work as a legal secretary, but if you're in full-time employment here (which I have been for five years now), it's strictly once a month you get paid. I like that, because all my bills are deducted once a month. So it makes everything nice and easy. Well, easy to administer that is. Maybe not so easy to pay!

Kvatch said...

Real spiders, who seem to think my house is Club Med for the winter.

Uugggghhh! I know your pain. We used to have tiny beetles that would invade our flat by the thousands. We referred to them as "little friends". Had to to keep from going stark raving mad at the thought of the little buggers getting into walls.

Hey...totally different topic: I noticed that you rolled Blognonymous. Thanks so much. I've reciprocated in the Frogsphere.

BBC said...

I have zillions of spiders outside and I pretty much leave them alone. But seldom do I have one in here as I built this place so tight that there isn't anyway for them to get in.

That reminds me, I need to re-pot some of these Aloa Vera, they are all I grow as they can take some neglect and come in handy for cuts, burns, sores and such.

It was a pretty nice day here after the stormy yesterday, I got the roof repaired and went out on the spit for a while.

Another tip to the other lady, always copy your text before sending it, then if things screw up all you have to do is paste it and send it again. The one time you don't is when it will screw up.

Believe me, I know. LOL.. Hugs.

Sewmouse said...

Oh geez, Mary - I had hoped to find one next time I went down to Fla. to visit Dad. Harumph. I WILL find one!! They can't be extinct!!

I get paid every 2 weeks, Croila, so most months I only get 2 paychecks, but twice a year I get a month with 3. I budget for the 2, and the rare 3rd one gets used for repairs & "me" stuff.

Sorry it took so long, Kvatch. I kept meaning to do it and not doing well - but someone else left the blog she'd started behind, and moved on, so whilest I was updating HER link... *grin*

I'd love to have you come fix stuff up over here, BBC, but I think it's too cold for you, and besides, I'm not Helen *evil wink*

Anonymous said...

Spiders and I have an agreement. You don't come in my house and I don't spray you with Raid. It seems to work pretty well. The other day my daughter came running into the house insisting there was a spider on the porch who was just waiting to pounce into her hair. She actually called a neighbor to come over and remove it.

I cannot imagine where she gets that.