Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Theories of Relativity

Somehow, the vast majority of 2006 has gone flying by without bothering to stop, hang around, be noticed, make me anything but a year older (except for shackling the Shrub). The older I get, the faster it seems the years go past.

Sometimes it seems just like yesterday that it was 1976 and I had gotten my brand-new Buick Skylark without a spare tire (Anyone else remember the "rubber shortage"?)

Then I think about how much has happened since then - and yeah, it's 30 years worth of "things". Married, had a kid, divorced, lost my Mom, 3 other cars, bought a house, sold the house, bought a townhouse-condo, been hospitalized for a lot of icky things.

Why is it that Monday goes so sloooowwww, and Sunday goes by like the blink of an eye - in fact, if I blink on a Sunday, sometimes several hours pass before my eyes open up again.

A guy who talked to me for a while (a friend of a friend who was real nice for a while, then completely flaked out) used to say "I'll sleep when I'm dead". Sometimes the afterlife seems like an attractive alternative to being so TIRED all the time. No, no, no - I'm not going to do anything to HASTEN that along any. Just sayin'.

Why is it that I can go to Safeway and bring home $100 in groceries and have just 3 or 4 bags to show for it - but I can go to Caputo's and bring home $100 in groceries and have to park the car out front to unload from the trunk in 2 or 3 trips? The Safeway stores aren't all THAT much nicer than Caputo's, they don't have as nice of meat, and their fresh fruits/veggies are all hard as rocks.

The bigger the car, the worse the driver. Soccer Mom's in SUV's need to be banned from the streets during rush hour. Just sayin'.

Thanksgiving is almost here. I'll buy a turkey this weekend, I suppose. I do hate to scrape all the meat off them, but it's better for me than beef, I suppose, so I'll do it. Once a year, I can probably handle. I'm going to try making Pumpkin pie with Splenda. I'll keep you informed. If it's not TOO vile, I'll post a recipe.


Anonymous said...

I hate this new system. I just left a note here and it vanished when the login refused my ID because it wasn't the "right" one. If it's not the "right" one and it can tell that it's a valid account, then why not just log me in? GRRRR

Look for the baking Splenda. I hear it's better than the regular stuff.

I know what you mean about time passing. It does that all the time. *sigh*

BBC said...

Leandra... I always log into my site before surfing to other sites, it just seems to make things work better.

Sewmouse, I refreshed the page and now the colors are correct again so ignore the comment in the other post.

I love this time of year, don't care much for beef anymore but love the turkey season.

I shop at Safeway, it's just two blocks away, but only for sale items.

Nasty and stormy today and this evening.

John Good said...

Before we moved here (22 months ago), our closest grocery was 5 miles away. We originally had 3 within a 1 mile radius; our neighborhood changed. . .

I now can choose from several stores all within 5 minutes from home. So I can be choosy once again.

That being said, I have Thanksgiving off, but have to work Friday. So. . .sorta limits our holiday plans.

The Dark One said...

I drive large vehicles and i am exceptional at it. Soccermoms can't drive period, regardless of they are driving.

I work on Bird Day so... bah..

Anonymous said...

You could have the finest chefs make the finest organic pumpkin pie with cocaine, or ground angels wings, or saffron.

It'd still taste of brown goop.

Sewmouse said...

Yes, but it is TASTY brown goop, Kal. At least the stuff I make is. And if you put enough vanilla-flavor sweet whipped cream on it, you'd never notice the brown!

My Dear Dark One... of course you do, considering your hobbies and all, but you're an exceptional individual.

Lea, listen to BBC - he is wise in the ways of the Blogger. May the Blogger be with you!

Ya know, if you didn't live in Aboite, I'd think you lived near me, John. They keep closing Safeway stores here. Of course, we dont really HAVE Safeway stores, but since those OUTSIDERS from Nevada bought out Dominicks Finer Foods, I call them Safeway even though it still says Dominicks on the signs.

Oh, and the NYNY folks can kiss my fat white ass - it's still Marshall Fields!!! Fuck this "Macy's" crap!!

Croila said...

You gotta do online shopping. Stuff humping bags of shopping around yourself!