Saturday, January 17, 2009

Grrrrrr... Grrrrrr. Grrrrr. GrrrrrrrVAROOOOOM

Urgh. my car started. Sorta. Barely. I'm NOT happy.
Went to the "urgent care" - met a nice young oriental Vampire, got a bit of blood removed, then went to have some breakfast. Nice breakfast, but right before I got to the restaurant the "check engine" light came on my dashboard - oh shit I really don't need that. Really.

I should go to Sears and have them check that, as well as have them check the antifreeze and get them to sell me a oil-stick engine heater and maybe a battery charger thingy.

And now my computer is doing some strange crap - which makes me think I may have to do a virus scan... *sigh*

Two days


The Preacherman said...

My pc has gone nearly a month without blowing up. A record.

I have no idea why it does. All those porn sites guarantee they haven't a virus on them so it can't be them ;-)

Dr. Know said...

Do yourself a favor and avoid Sears Auto Service. I was a mechanic for decades - Find a good local mechanic that know what he is doing and avoid corporate shops - they are but money mills. Even the overpriced dealers are preferable to Sears - at least they know the car's systems by heart.