Monday, January 12, 2009

One Week

Ok, so I missed 8. I was busy, eh?

But there's only 7 more days of Bushit to deal with before the chimp is gone. Maybe things will change, maybe not.... but that despicable cretin will be gone.

Been a busy weekend here at the house. Even though I was mostly snowed in, I managed to get a lot done. I like that.

7 days


rauf said...

I don't believe in it Sew, but here in India people believe in 'Dalidhram' evil shadow (bad time).
Yes the evil shadow is going in 7 days thats for sure.

The Preacherman said...

A bookie is taking 'under the counter' bets on how long it'll be before Obama gets topped a la JFK.

What a world eh?

Well said Raufy

enigma4ever said...

we are almost DONE....of Bush-shit....oh my....finally...