Monday, January 19, 2009


On December 23, 2006, I pledged to myself to make a commitment to not post a single day without marking how many days were left in the Bush Regime's Evil Administration. At the time it was 758 days. For a little over 2 years I've done my best to keep that promise to myself. Tomorrow I'll be removing the coundown timer from the side of the blog and stop with the "XXX days" tag at the end of each post. Barack Obama will be the President of the United States. A constitutional scholar. A Harvard graduate. A man with a plan - and a brain. A "messiah"? No. A man. But NOT a Shrub.

I've had a lot of folks over those 2 years ask me in comments what the "days" countdown was, and about a year ago I pasted in the code to the sidebar to link to the official countdown site. Tomorrow the United States will have a new President. I do not expect miracles from my former Senator. I don't expect him to walk on water or balance the budget or end the war or do anything OVERNIGHT.

I honestly never believed I'd see this counter in single-digits, much less with "zero" days - only hours.... minutes... left. I wish Lea was here to see it too. She'd chortle.

I've been very politically vocal here - to the point of driving myself into an angry frenzy at times - and I've had to pull back to rein in my own blood pressure and welfare. Such a level of anger and hatred cannot be maintained without taking a serious toll on the person doing the hating, and eventually turning that person into a carbon-copy or mirror-image of the very thing they are opposing. I don't want to be like that. That's too much like the very people to whom I'm opposed.

We're not out of the woods yet. In fact, we may not even be within spitting distance of the PATH out of the woods yet - but at least we're heading in a different direction - since the last 8 years we've been going in all kinds of the wrong directions, thanks to our ineffective, criminal, lying, cheating, despicable "decider". I admit fully that I'm as prejudiced, as negative, as disgusted by GWB as any 12 neocons felt about Billy and Hilly combined. But the Shrub family is evil and should all - every last one of them - including Jeb the Savings & Loan cheater - be behind bars for life, IMNSHO.

Zero days. Praise the Deity of your choice. Namaste


John Good said...

Remembering your countdown prodded me to get off of my ass and visit with you tonite! =)How very very nice it is to see the countdown clock in SINGLE DIGITS!!!

Oh, happy day at last, Sew!! =)

enigma4ever said...

thank you for counting down....phew....we made it...