Friday, August 22, 2008


I've been listening to the radio at work lately - the station plays stuff I like, and it keeps the rhythm of the headers from causing random tunes to get stuck in my head. I had the "Gilligan's Island" theme stuck once for 3 days. I wanted to kill Bob Denver - except he's already dead.

Anyhow - this station has commercials - like all of them - and I'm beginning to remember in excruciating detail why I don't watch Television.

For instance - the tire commercial (Tyres to those with alternative spelling). The concept is fairly simple - you buy 3 tires, they give you 4 for the price of 3. Not exactly rocket science. Not only that, but they don't force you to send in for a "rebate" - they just charge you less at point-0f-sale.

So.... Why do they have to have a smarmy salesman and a menopausal former cheerleader * shouting back and forth about this for SIXTY FULL SECONDS????? You can get the message accross in less than 10. All I can say is - I won't be buying tires from NTB anytime soon, because if they think their customers are that stupid that they have to scream at them repetitively - I don't EVER want to be one of their customers.

McDonalds is still advertising their ghastly sweet tea....**

Some guy who does not identify himself lists a bunch of mattress brands and styles that his advertiser wants to sell people - and then says "And that's the style I've got at home" - as if I would care what some complete stranger has for a mattress on his bed...

The in-water boat show.... featuring "Twiggy the Waterskiing Squirrel". I kid you not. He even has his own website

No wonder the Republicans think they can sell us McSame - apparently advertising for the terminally STUPID has positive impact...

*I am basing this description solely on the quality of their voices.
**Prior Rant on this topic is here

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The Manic Street Preacher said...

Bob Denver's dead???????

I loved Gilligan. I am now in mourning......

oh...yeah....I'm 50 so he'd be er....very old

piston said...

McSame is a good one, if not really that accurate.

With Obama is motif of change should read chance because no one really knows what he'll do. He could be the second coming of FDR or Jimmy Carter reinvented. Judging from what I've seen, it'll be the latter. I can't think of 2 positive things he's done in his time in the senate. But hey, the left thinks he's Jesus.. if they believed in Jesus that is...

Actually the election is pretty interesting because people in general are sick of the republican party for a variety of reasons (some legit, some not). Repubs have not helped themselves. That said, the Dem's have a weak candidate. Again. Regardless of Obama's orator abilities (He is a great talker), anyone with half a brain can see his speeches are sleight of hand. His track record is barren at best, typical Chicago politician at worse. The man is simply not that smart. Has anyone seen him try to talk without a teleprompter? It's almost Bushesque. His handlers do not like that. Anyhow, it'll be interesting to see what happens. I think a lot of it will hinge on McSame's (lol) VP choice. Joe Biden was not the best choice for Obama. It was surprising to see a candidate who embraces change choose a racist veteran beltway democrat who has a track record for dishonesty.

Well.. this was way too long..

Rauf said...

well, they have marketed and sold fear successfully SEWMOUSE.

My sister would buy ten packets of detergent to get one tooth brush free.

by the way did you watch the story of stuff ?

please click on play, allow it to load take a nap, then click on replay and please watch without interruption. It takes 20 minutes.

grade school bud said...

I know I'm days (weeks!) behind in checking your blog, but I had to comment on your Twiggy post. I've seen Twiggy, and that must be the oldest squirrel in history! We saw him when Meg was about 7 years old at the boat show in Atlanta, so that makes that squirrel over 13 years old! I think only Rocky was ever older than that.