Monday, August 25, 2008

Bombarded By Bubbleheaded Bleached Blondes

Behind me, the BMW contains a 2-steps-beyond-platinum blonde (with suspiciously wide dark center hair-part). She fiddles with her makeup. She smokes. She pulls down her sunglasses and pooches her lips at her reflection in her rear-view mirror.

In front, a Farrah Faucett Wannabe tosses her platinum curls as she flings her cigarette butt to the pavement. Is it her 2" long candy-apple-red-glazed nails, or the thick gold THUMB ring that triggers my amusement more?

To the left, a SLIGHTLY less obviously bottle blonde suburban soccermom with a mommy-bob haircut lights up and checks her mascara in the rearview.

I chuckle.

147 days

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Rauf said...

Jayne Mansfield's movie scene ?