Monday, August 18, 2008


Saturday was the company picnic. It was just lovely. A perfect day, all the kiddies were zooming around playing on the bouncy castle and blowup firetruck slide, I got to meet C's new baby daughter who is too cute for words, and sat breifly in the sun and ate chicken and potato chips (crisps) and slices of jumbo sub-sandwich.

I got home and did laundry and then just collapsed.

Yesterday was also quite nice, if a bit hotter, and I got more done around the old house, but about 6:30 I started feeling kind of ughhhh... and spent some time every 1/2 hour until well after midnite communing with the commode.

It kind of makes me wonder just how much water is in me, and how much I can lose before getting "dehydrated".

Anyhow, things seem better now, so maybe it was just a little fluke.

154 days


SpanishGoth said...

It's not the 'water in you' that is a concern, worry about the Vodka - that's where it gets scary


*wobbles off into the distance*

Rauf said...

With vomitting and sweatting its dangerous. Mineral salts and water should be handy always. Hope you are doing fine. Did you take pictures at the picnic ?