Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Insomnia... The only way to fry.

Ok, so the pain in my back is gone. The PAIN down my leg is gone. I can stand on tip-toe without agony. I took out the trash bin without pain. These are all good things.

Unfortunately - I still am having trouble sleeping. Last night and the night before it was jumpy legs. I lay there - in peaceful comfort... and all of a sudden, for no apparent reason - my leg decides to twitch.

I actually made it to sleep one time - and dreamed I tripped as I went up the stairs, waking to the twitchy jumpy leg - adrenaline pumping and grabbing for the handrailing - which was actually my night-stand.

Part of the problem is still the back - so saith Dr. Brad. Part of the problem is the weather. It's so darn muggy and humid that I can't stay in one position for any length of time or the downside 1/2 gets too warm and sweaty, so I roll over to make the "downside" the "upside" and have to reposition all the pillows, which is an entire production number of itself.

The damn mourning doves killed my blueberry bush - AGAIN. This is getting farking ridiculous. Every year I get a baby bush, I plant it properly, put it in a nice spot - and every year at some point when the doves are nesting, they pull it out of the dirt and try to make a nest out of it. The plants don't like being uprooted, and die.

I need a BB gun. Squab anyone?

Made another step on my way to getting a new office chair at home. I FINALLY threw out the old one this morning. I was so afraid that one time I'd forget the back was almost broken and lean back and throw my back out permanently as well as bust my scalp open (scalp wounds bleed like crazy!), give myself a concussion and put a hole in the wall.

So I went last night to Office Max after seeing Dr. Brad, and sat in all their chairs. Well, all their "executive" and "manager" chairs. I will not EVER purchase a "task" chair - they're hideously uncomfortable, and blatantly sexist/classist.

You know which ones I mean - the ones with the tiny little backrest that barely covers a portion of your lower back - allowing all the men in the office to ogle your ass? Fuck that.

Several of the chairs were quite cozy. I absolutely do NOT want a chair with a leather seat, because I spend too much time in that chair and have no desire to do the leg-to-chair bonding that occurs when sweaty thighs sit on leather or plastic for too long.

They weren't near as pricey as I'd feared either. This is a very good thing. Perhaps next weekend I'll do some more chair-sitting at a couple other stores then make up my mind.

181 days


Parson said...

I hate that leg twitch thing, it's so annoying.

Piston said...

Nothing wrong with random ass oogling.

Sewmouse said...

Piston, dear - you haven't seen the guys I work with. I don't necessarily want to be ogled by them.