Friday, July 25, 2008

Books and stuff

The books I've read that were written in/about the 1700's and 1800's are different.

There seems to be a lot more emphasis on the everyday stuff - laundry, cooking, gardening - as action, and a lot less emphasis on plots, subplots, sub-subplots and car chases.

I suppose the lack of emphasis on car chases can be taken as a "given". Ahem.

Whenever I run out of cleaning/housework steam due to laziness or videogame addiction or whatever (this latest due no doubt to my fears of reinjuring my back/leg), reading Little Women or Little House on the Prairie or Anne of Green Gables or damn near anything by Jane Austen is a sure guarantee that I'll get housecleaning/knitting/quilting fever for at least a few days.

The girls in those books are so VIRTUOUS!! Mending, sewing, working on their samplers, cleaning, shining, cooking... For some odd reason, it makes me want to emulate them for a while. In fact, I'm glad that I have this almost-guaranteed impetus providing trick.

Oh heck. I think "J" from the cubicle next-door is having leftover beer-soaked-bratwurst for lunch. All I have is a tuna sandwich. DAMN that smells heavenly..... (NOT the tuna...)

Anyhow - I think it is about time for me to break out the Louisa May Alcott again. I would like to see significant improvement in my environment after this weekend. Wish me luck. Or wish me impetus - that would be even better than luck - as impetus accomplishes more!

178 days


The Manic Street Preacher said...

It must be the tuna. Can't think of any other reason. Little Women eh? Odd. Distinctly odd.

Rauf said...

i have seen a few families with 5 daughters, all daughters, and many many families with all three daughters, no sons. Believe me all of them are VIRTUOUS. Ultimate goal is preparing them to be a good wife. Jealousy among them is something you don't want to hear. This happens even today.

The little women had no internet or TV, They entertained themselves by writing conducting plays. Half the day was spent practicing dance with imaginary boys. Topic of discussion is always men.

Hope you are doing fine Sewmouse. i was not away traveling, i was hanging in mid air without phone and internet. Shifting back to my place interior work took lot of time.

enigma4ever said...

Little Women- wow...that is an idea , I hope it goes well....I am inspired..

Croila said...

*sigh* Ohhhhhh HOW I wanted to BE Anne of Green Gables ... *sigh*