Thursday, July 24, 2008

Birthday Wishes (Now with SUBLIMINAL mom-nag messages...)

Ok, so I'm a day late. Phlllhhbbbhhttt.

Amanda - your new address so I can mail you things please?
I wish I knew how to macrame without screwing it up. My ex hubby made this awesome hanging table back years and years ago - I loved how it looked, natural jute and (IIRC) a smoked-glass top. I'd like to make a set of hanging shelves - but my macrame "talent" sucks. I can do it, but it looks like crap because I cannot maintain an even tension. I can knit, I can crochet, I can do most fiber arts - but macrame totally defeats me.

Amanda, I think Brad's Postcards are brilliant! You could send me your address on one?
I wish Herbie the Garden Gnome would pull the weeds in the flowerbed, because there are bajillions of them and it's too hot and humid outside to stay out long enough to make a significant dent before NEW ones grow overnite!
Of course, you could CALL me with the address... phone number hasn't changed, altho voice mail is full.
I wish I knew enough about this new digital tv thing to make an informed decision about purchasing a new TV - As it is, I'm afraid to do so in case I buy one that won't work next year. And does this affect Radio too? Will I need all new tuners for freaking everything??

Yes, I know I'm being an obnoxious git. It's a mom thing.
I wish I had cheekbones. *sigh. And dimples.

So - I went out to dinner last nite at Outback Steakhouse. It was good - tasty as ever, but the menu has changed some so it took a lot of perusing in order to decide on dinner. I also got a small stack of books for a birthday present - which is nice.

Lunch over. Back to work.

179 days

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Amanda said...

sorry, sorry, sorry, been super busy, too much going on, no time for internetie. The address is 12 Hillside Eureka Springs, AR 72632. No junkmail from your comment leaving friends please! (joke, I'm joking...)
On a side note, you need more Rodger pics, I used to love that freakin goose, and if you have cable just buy a tv, you'll be fine, at least that's what cox communications tells me.....
Also, do you have the WHOLE Ann of Green Gables set??? Jealous!