Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Cleanliness is next to....

Wouldn't it just figure that I've got all this farking ENERGY to do stuff, but Dr. Brad still says no bending, lifting, twisting, vacuuming...

The cats see these restrictions as carte blanche to vomit hairballs all over the place. Making me have to clean them up surepptitiously bending - as the vacuum is still off limits. I think they (the cats) do this on purpose.

So I got my prize for winning the caption contest over by Mr. Farty's. It is a Dalek!! A red Dalek with silver spots. If you tap him on the head, the talks in Dalek, and if you drag him backwards, he drives himself around for a bit. For the time being, he is living on my monitor - but I may have to find him a new home shortly because C my Co-Worker is green with envy and I don't trust the cleaners. Here he is sitting next to "Peacecat" at work, but I may take him home on Friday to protect him from the evil janitors.

187 days

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