Thursday, June 05, 2008

Roadways and Cherries

The retaining wall on the unfortunately named "Elgin-O'Hare Expressway" (which goes to neither Elgin, nor O'Hare) is growing little green posts. I cannot for the life of me figure out why. They aren't tall enough or far enough apart to be something for light standards or a billboard support.

I'd've had a picture for you, but the moron behind me in the beat-up Honda was in SUCH a hurry that he honked the moment the truck in front of me got 5 ft. ahead, so I left the camera in the breifcase. *sigh*

Usually I don't take the EOE, because I don't like it much. I usually like the slightly more leisurely drive down Lake Street, with it's wall-to-wall shopping centers and gasoline stations - but I was in a bit of a rush this morning as I had overslept my alarm. How the hell I was able to sleep thru that damn thing going off 2 ft. from my ear is rather surprising to me - but so I did.

I won, however, in the "Beat Your Boss To Work" game which none of my bosses actually know that they're playing - but I saw Boss#1's car at an intersection about a mile and a half from work this morning and managed to scoot thru on the yellow, speed up enough to make 2 more lights easily and get in the office, and to my desk before he turned into the driveway. WIN!!!

They had cherries in bulk for sale at Caputo's last night. They're not the really dark "black" cherries, but they are very sweet red ones. I bought a bag, and will undoubtedly manage to max out on Cherry for a few years - but they're really, really good. I cannot, however, tie a stem in a knot with my tongue. All these stems are pretty short. I can't do it with maraschino cherry stems either, though. I wish I could. It's a cute bar trick, and worth it to see guys faces when they see someone who can do it.

I suppose it is like rolling your tongue or being able to do the Mr. Spock thing with your fingers easily - or lifting just ONE eyebrow, which I cannot do and sooooooooo wish I could!

228 days

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Croila said...

I can lift one eyebrow AND roll my tongue but tying knots in cherry stalks with my tongue? Now that one I've never heard of!