Friday, May 02, 2008


Oh man, what a week. I can't wait for 4:30 today - so much to do/done/still waiting and I feel like I'm riding a merry-go-round where every time I think I've gotten somewhere I find myself back where I started.

There's tons to do at home too - and I have to admit I'm not in the least motivated to do it. Perhaps an advil or 2 might help. Seems every time I start something either the back or the knees start to complain about it. I'm thinking maybe the advil will give me a bit more time on the clock before I have to sit down and recoup.

I think I'll go out this weekend and buy a bajillion (exact number) bright pink geranium plants and petunia plants and that packet of sweet-pea seeds I forgot to buy earlier - and a couple baby tomatoes and peppers. Then I have to put on some "I don't care about these shoes" shoes and wade thru the muddy garden bit in the back to rescue the wire plant stands that are slowly sinking into the muck - and put some kind of feet on them so they stay on TOP of the ground, and put the tomatoes and peppers and maybe a couple of flowers in too. THEN - and only then - I will take a photo of THIS year's lovely garden-spot and post it up here. Maybe.

262 days

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enigma4ever said...

take care and have a good weekend....I love hearing about your garden...