Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Kili, The Self-Patting Cat Branches Out

Coming down the stairs this morning - my arms and hands are full of things that need to go from "up there" to "down there" (exactly HOW did I manage to get the dishwasher detergent upstairs???)

On top of the stack was a hairbrush, and as luck and my clumsiness would have it, it slid off the top of the stack and bounced down the stairs, landing brush-side up on the floor at the foot of the stairs.

I went to put the other things down so nothing else would fall, and when I turned around to get the brush - there was Kili, rubbing her face and neck on the bristles. Brushing her own self. *chuckle*

There have been times when she's gone walking back and forth underneath my hand dangling off the sofa - self-patting cat, I call her then; but I've never seen her be a self-BRUSHING cat before! She does, however, enjoy being brushed a lot more than her sister Mindi - who thinks the brush is a devil-spawned torture device and yelps and wiggles and squirms and hisses whenever the kitty brush is anywhere near her.

I'm still chuckling thinking about Kili's new trick. Maybe it would be worth thinking about finding a way to mount some brush bristles on a scratching post and let the kitties brush themselves while I'm at work?

*Note. The brush has been de-furred, de-haired, washed and sanitized before putting back in the downstairs washroom.

258 days

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Catmoves said...

Hi Sew. Someone has already invented that self brushing brush. My wild thing says she saw something like you described at Petsmart. One of our cats loves to lay on the round plastic ring with the paper inside and rub on that. (I think a little catnip helps, though.)