Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Photos I Can't Post

Because I can't TAKE them.

Been trying for a week now to get a photo of the pink HummVee. She (I assume it is a she - what MAN would drive a neon-vinyl pink hummer?) has been spotted twice, but both times I was driving past her too fast to get a snap. Grrr.

Another is a photo of Mindi with her fangs hanging out her mouth. Cat has a 7th sense about the camera - she'll do it all day long, but as soon as I turn on the camera, she licks her chops, tucks the fangs in and buries her nose in her feet. This is obviously deliberate - but just like a small child, impossible to stop.

Kili has been yelling at me a lot every morning lately. The water bottle is empty. The water bowl is empty. Either the cats are unbelievably thirsty - or the water bottle has sprung a leak. I suspect the leak. Fortunately those kitty water-cooler dishes are pretty cheap so I can get another one this weekend.

Had a long talk with Lea yesterday. Was great - she sounded quite a bit more chipper and less like she was about to go into a coma from lack of sleep. She needs all the strength she can muster to fight this disease, so I'm glad she got some good rest. She's thrilled because for the very first time in her life, a doctor has told her she SHOULD eat anything and everything she wants - including all the chocolate she can stand. *chuckle* Hellova way to get that kind of permit.

We used to have a bunch of stores out here - called "Fannie Mae" - candy stores. Chocolates of all description. The store clerks were told that they could eat as much as they wanted of the choccy. I'm told that after a week or so, they never wanted to touch another piece of chocolate again. Just warnin' ya, Lea!!

265 days

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