Friday, March 28, 2008

A lil' bit of dis, a lil' bit of dat...

It occurs to me that 99.9% of the strife and violence in the world could be eliminated if people would just follow ONE commandment - one that Moses apparently forgot to put on the rocks when he was up there on the mountain frantically taking God-Stenography by chipping away at them. In fact, I firmly believe this WAS the original first commandment, but Moses had gotten behind while looking for a good stone-chisel and forgot what the first one was -

"Thou Shalt MYOB"

What Does This Mean?

We should Fear and Love God that we may each Mind Your Own Business.

Thank you, 7th and 8th grade Catechism Class.

"Thou Shalt Have No Other Gods Before Me" is just plain ridiculous - if you take the position of the monotheistic Judeo-Christian-Moslem theology - because if there IS no other God, then how could you POSSIBLY take another one first? I mean - if there is one apple on the table, and you want an apple - you're rather limited in choices, n'est pas?

Particularly this occurs to me as I am entirely of the opinion that you just seriously cannot legislate morality. You can legislate against crimes against other persons - theft, assault, battery, murder - it doesn't really STOP them, but it does provide some accountability. But there are lots of things that religion opposes that really don't need to be criminalized.

Blasphemy - for instance. In many of the Islamoidiot run countries, "blasphemy" is a crime. It used to be a crime in many Christian countries until fairly (relatively) recently. Makes me want to slap them upside the turban and scream "Look - if Allah really is a God - then he's a fucking GOD - he can take a little criticism and joking - and if he can't, then it's still really NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS - he's GOD - he won't make a mistake and accidently punish YOU instead of the blasphemer!"

See, according to these "big three" major religions, they all have some Nasty Icky Place that you're going to go if you don't make G_D, Jesus or Allah happy. Whether it is Gehenna, Hell, or Las Vegas, Nevada - the Big Guy in the Sky has a place prepared for those who defy him, according to the scriptures. Since the BGitS already has it covered, it's rather redundant and a bit of a waste of time and energy for the BGitS's followers to run around chastizing and beheading and fairly much being dicks about it all. MYOB.

"Vengence is Mine - I will repay, saith the Lord " Romans 12:19

So I guess I'm enduring try-outs for Greek Mythical Hero status. Every night I've been getting stabbing pains from my left ankle, specifically the Achilles tendon. The pain radiates up and down my calf. This is not particularly fun - but it's horrible annoying as it only seems to be evident at night, during the day at work and commuting I hardly notice it at all. I do, however, usually run around the house barefoot, and at work I wear shoes - perhaps a significant thing? Also, last night I wore an "ankle brace" - some compression bandage thing in a weird shape that wraps around your foot and ankle - and the pain in the ankle/Achilles tendon was much less, but when I took off the wrap, the FRONT of my ankle was painful to the touch - like very, very, very low shin-splints.
I don't want to have to go see a doctor about this, so I'm going to just wait and see if it improves. If it doesn't - I've got a Dr. appt. on the 10th, so I'll ask him then. It's not bad enough to spend an extra $30 on it - just a crappy annoyance, really. (Just someting to kvetch on my blog about!)
Daffodil noses are peeking out of the ground in the back garden. I suppose I should get back there and clean out the mess from last year, but the ground is still rock hard - I tried to put one of the little solar-powered lights that had worked its way out of the ground back in, but even in the exact same hole the ground was too frozen to jam it in. A few more weeks, apparently.
Diet Snapple Raspberry Iced Tea.
Yummy, to my utter amazement.
297 days


The Future Was Yesterday said...

I don't mean to be disagreeable, but isn't this is wrong? ""Thou Shalt "MYOB"

Shouldn't it read "MYOFB"?
Spot on, Sister! If only.....


Got a weird sense of humour has this God bloke. Some Jewish fella spent years giving away his millions to poor people over her in't UK. "I'm Gods postman" he'd say. "God doesn't want me to keep my money in a bank for me he wants me to use it to help the poor".

After years of delivering Gods money to the poor he just got killed in a car crash.

I think I'll spend mine on me then.