Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Banking Woe

Ok, so I've been quiet - so sue me.

Well - don't, actually.

Anyhow - I've been "stomping out burning ducks" at work due to a bank error. A rather significant bank error that is making me a little crazy, and causing my boss to lose his hair. Apparently someone at our bank made a rather big "Oopsie" (Technical Accounting Term) and froze the assets in our account a while back. We didn't initiate it, we had plenty of money in our account to cover our debits - and the IRS wasn't after us. I found out when one of our vendors called to tell us that our check had been returned to her.

Needless to say, this particular vendor was a bit of a "problem child", in that we'd had some difficulty with their invoice and had only just resolved everything and authorized payment - so of course, THEY were the first to call me and let me know the check had been returned. Just like Mr. Angry - I was LIVID.

Little did I know just how much of a PITA this was going to be. Things that were supposed to be auto-deducted from our account such as car payments, loan payments, utilities, &etc - were all returned - refused - denied - and the folks who were supposed to get the money were told that WE had rescinded our permission for them to take it!!! Livid became a pale shadow of what I really was...

It's been going on for weeks now - I get a call from someone all confused and occasionally disbelieving when I tell them we really had NOTHING to do with it. The car loan folks immediately deleted us from their auto-pay program - and WE have to go in and fight with their website to reinstate us - the credit card company has put us on a THIRTY DAY CASH ONLY basis - we have to drive to one of their branches and pay them directly... And the best bit is this - since our bank is not listed on the credit card account as being someone the credit card company is authorized to speak with - they won't even TALK to our bank to find out that the bank screwed the pooch, not us!!

I don't mind taking pipe and dealing with asshatness when it's something I've actually done. There have been times that I've been less than entirely scrupulous about paying (my own personal, not the company's) bills on time or remembering stuff - and I suck up the bad that comes from it and try to remember to NOT DO THAT anymore - but this is fucking ridiculous - We didn't do ANYTHING wrong, and yet here we are being punished for some bank clerk's fat-fingered mistake.

I love my job.

But I really do hate banks. And credit card companies.

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Honey said...

what a nightmare, bleagh.
I hope it resolves itself, strike that I hope all your hard work means it is resolved soon.

BBC said...

They keep changing clerks at my bank, I don't like that, I like my bank to know me.

Catmoves said...

Wonderful rant. when our bank made one those horrendous errors some years back, the manager sent personal letters to each creditor where they had bounced checks. Cleared up our side of the difficulty immediately.
Oh, BTW, link Mr. Angry leads to a 404 error. I promise I won't cut off your credit.