Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Senator John McCain - he who would like to be the next RepubliCON president today said that pulling out of Iraq now would be "an act of betrayal".

Dear Senator McCain:

NOT pulling our troops and contractors out of Iraq NOW is already a betrayal of the American People - and those responsible for sending them in the first place should be on trial for treason.




The Future Was Yesterday said...

It still awe's me, how they can look into a camera, serious as the pope at Easter, and say that bullshit. And not even smile, wink, blink......

I5 takes a special kind of person to send people to their death like that - a psychopath! We're about to have two in a row.

BBC said...

This late in the game it's hard to know what would be best to do, and we can't go back and take back the past.

If it was me running the show I would install my own government and security or they will keep fighting for another hundred years.

Sadly I would likely have to kill a lot of them before they started behaving but that is how it works on this stupid planet.