Friday, February 01, 2008

On "Pop Culture"

It's all over the news, Heath Ledger died. Apparently this is some kind of tragedy. Not that dying isn't always a tragedy to your family and friends, but this is supposedly a newsworthy tragedy - and I'm sure other than a very short and inexpensive Obit in the local rag, I'll not get much in the way of news if it is me kicking the proverbial bucket.

I have no real clue who this "Heath Ledger" was. An actor, apparently, as they keep bringing up that he played a gay cowboy. I had no interest in seeing "Brokeback Mountain", so I really have no idea if he was such a talented actor as to make his death an international newsworthy "Tragedy" or not.

Caffeine "Energy Drinks". Bleh. They taste like warm, flat lemon-lime gatorade. Eugh. Even when they are cold, they taste warm. Why not just drink coffee? I'm unimpressed - and the fact that a model who bears a very striking resemblence to Paris the Drunken Sleaze is used advertising one of them on a billboard on my way to work is reason enough to NEVER buy one!!!

Speaking of the Drunken Sleaze - why do we care? Why do we see her name, or that of the Drunken Bald Mommy, all over Yahoo News every freaking week? Granted, she has a shapely little skinny body - but other than that (Grampa is NOT giving her his billions), what is so fascinating about this brainless twat? Or is that the point, boys? *snicker*

It's getting to where I feel like a stranger in a strange land... the world I knew is gone, and there is this cellophane-wrapped neon-colored strobe-lighted fantasyland that is replacing it.

I'm unimpressed.

353 days


Anonymous said...

Hi Sew, I'm taking a blogging break but will be around checking up on folks. I can't believe you actually got someone to go back and move their big gas-eater. If we did that around here we'd get our lights punched out and our headlights, too. Gender makes no difference. The world thinks Canadians are all polite and nice. HA

BBC said...

I didn't know about him either, I don't pay much attention to the stars of today.

Other than to bitch about them at times.

I made a man move his pickup a few months ago, I'm not putting up with that crap. I'll make them move something with a tire iron in my hand if I have to.

Catmoves said...

Clap, clap, clap, clap. 'Bout time someone put things right. In the words of an old television show here's "A Big Hand For The Little Lady."