Monday, January 28, 2008

Another Cold Day in Paradise

I type this at lunch at work. The home computer is doing strange things with the internets.

For instance - my Vonage VOIP works fine - except when I call my Dad, when it cuts in and out. Dad swears it is NOT his hearing aid. My blog lets me log in from work, but only about 1/2 the time from home.

My IM programs only stay "on" for minutes - sometimes seconds - at a time. Then they make me go "offline" - even though the modem looks fine and I can still look at webpages and blogs and stuff.

I am thinking this may be a "drivers" or compatibility issue (I haven't upgraded the IM software for years...) - but the last 2 weeks I've been too sick to deal with it - upper respiratory infection, laryngitis and the cough that rocked so much it's a good thing I wasn't near the San Andreas Fault or they'd have to make a new 49 state flag.

It's been cold and miserable, cold and clear, cold and snowy - and cold and cold.

I swear my local Starbucks has decided to take a page from the "Office Space"/T.G.I. Friday's handbook. The baristas are wearing lots of little "bling bling" pins and stickers on their aprons - and the guy at the drivethru window treats me with the kind of familiarity you'd expect from a guy who thinks he's trying to get laid...

All I want is my fucking coffee, please - and a blueberry scone.


Went to Jewel Foods to pick up a few odd items - NO MORE!! They have TELEVISION at the checkouts now.... EUUUGGGHHHHHHHH.

357 days


BBC said...

Not to cold here, 33 degrees right now, but it did snow 3 inches last night and more is expected. Was a beautiful day though.

I don't IM anymore. Don't have time for that and don't like the disruptions when I'm surfing.

Have never bought anything from Starbucks. I can make great coffee for a quarter.

visionary said...

Use Trillian



I doubt mine works either. Whatever it is.

Technologically inept. That's me.

Oi Visionary! That's 'Hitchhikers' stuff. Trillian went out with Zaphod Beeblebrox and....

....I'm pissed