Monday, February 04, 2008


In a recent comment, my dear friend Visionary said: "btw.. my local sport franchises are better than yours."

I am fully aware that he's ranting, raving and terribly unhappy this morning, as last night his favorite "Merkan Football" team failed to complete a perfect season. I found the game quite fascinating, enjoyed it even to the end (although I cringed, knowing that somewhere in the Northeastern USA, a top was blowing...)

You know - I used to didn't understand the game - and didn't much like it, although Mom loved to NOT watch the Bears when the game was on (she would get somewhat hysterical if they had a turnover or failed to convert on 3rd and long... This was, however, in the days of the "Payton" offense - "Left to Payton, Right to Payton, Left to Payton - Punt") - but I now really do enjoy it, although I'm known to occasionally fall asleep to the dulcet tones of the announcers.

I was somewhat disappointed with Mr. Brady from the beginning, however. Ok, yes, you're a damn good QB and you've had a hell of a season - but would it really hurt you, or your concentration, to be a gentleman and act like it when your opponent wishes you well before the game? You acted like a spoiled elitist snob. I think it may have just been "nerves" - heck, even the best can be nervous, especially with the pressure of "Four-Time Superbowl QB" and "Perfect Season" hanging over your head - but c'mon - even in LITTLE LEAGUE they teach ya to be a good sport in public, Tommy. Game face my ass. Be polite.

I read what the yahoo guy thought about the Superbowl commercials. He didn't pick the one that made me laugh hardest... the "Bud Light Makes You Breathe Fire" one cracked me up. Easily amused? Moi? Of course!!

Right before the game, Faux Sports had a bunch of people in a montage reciting the Declaration of Independence. They claimed it to be "The most important document in American History", although I think the Constitution is more important. Still and all, I suspect George Bush wasn't watching that part - his handlers couldn't let him do, what with all the references to how it is the DUTY of people to overthrow corrupt governments...

Tomorrow is "Super Tuesday" - I guess I'll go vote. The local rag hasn't printed a "sample ballot" giving me local candidates to check out, which sucketh and doth not swallow, but I suppose I can checkmark a few boxes. Just Say No to totally-electronic voting - until Diebold decides to become honest. We get a choice here - paper or paperless. I pick paper, because I don't trust the machines.

Which is ironic - as the very first time I ever voted (in Denver) was using a machine. It wasn't electronic really, though. Mechanical mostly, I think. You moved the levers to point to the candidate you wanted, then when you had everyting "just so" - you pulled this BIIIIIGGGG handle to record your vote, and reset the machine.

I have just discovered that one of my books in my bookshelf is well over 100 years old. Imagine that. It was one of my mom's books from when she was a little girl. The interwebs are soooo interesting...

350 days


BBC said...

They will allow you a vote so that you think that you have a say in things. Yeah, right, but so does everyone else.

But a book over a 100 years old, that might be interesting, depending on the book.

Leandra said...

Bah. I don't get to vote this primary. New rules say in order to vote you gotta lie about your party affiliation if you are an Independent, they they release your name and the party you signed up as for 60 days to anyone who asks. Yeah right. I want to be ass deep in contribution requests.

Besides, I almost always vote a split ticket and that's not allowed either. Since telling the truth is more important to me than is voting in the primary, I'll sit it out. *sigh*

Tomorrow will indeed be interesting. I have reserved the TV for the evening and will sit and knit on an afghan and watch the returns.

BBC said...

I think the primaries are bullshit. Just a game the political monkeys play.


I will vote for The Monster Raving Loony Party which, now devoid of the late great Screaming Lord Sutch, is not quite as loony as it was but is never the less the sanest political party on the planet.

For starters they want baked beans free on the health service. There's some'at about bananas as well but I forget....

Amanda said...

I worked the polls here on Tuesday. I think only 8 people out of 1,142 used the electronic option. Speaks volumes eh?

BBC said...

I see in the news that it's really cold there. I hated trucking in that part of the country in the winter.

It's mild here, 41 degrees at 5am this morning. Stay warm.