Thursday, September 06, 2007


I got an e-mail last night from Sandra Sanders. Sandra has an e-mail address similar to mine, but also with 2 numerals after. Sandra apologized (again) and then lied and said that she "had the XXX address with another service for YEARS".

Lying c***.

Anyhow, I'm certain this isn't over, because she's pulled this crap before. Back then I didn't know where she was or anything, and she sent an "apology" e-mail then, which included a rather pathetic "Gee, do you sew? Can we be friends?" crapola thing. I told her yes, I sew, no we can't be friends. I can't be friends with genuinely STUPID people.

I told her that again rather... um... forcefully... when I left the rude voice mail message on her phone.

So - for the time being, I'll not be outting her personal information here. Sorry gang, I know you were all wanting to leave her deliciously abusive e and voice mails and sign her up for every possible online dating service as a c********* s*** - but not for now. This is, however, her last "chance".


I need to schedule some vacation time. Need to go see Dad. I'm thinking maybe next month, assuming I can get things caught up around the old hacienda by then. That would make 2 vacations in 2 months in a row - I shall become spoiled!!


So, the Commander Shrub has had a biography written about him, and says he will spend his first months or so out of office making speeches for money to "replenish the old coffers". Please read This and picture the "Commander Guy" in his footie jammies, trying to find oil in a Valvoline factory...

Now imagine how much fun it would be to attend one of those speeches of his. Imagine the hilarity that could ensue, and realize that at that point, he no longer has the full force of the US Government to protect him from hecklers and demonstrators. Imagine going to one of these and shouting out about the blood on his hands and the mockery of the Presidency that he made. Imagine watching him melt down in public. Chortle.

Edited for Rauf's gentle sensibilities
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BBC said...

"cumsucking slut "

And she lives in my state?

Can I have her email address?

Rauf said...

This is strange Sewmouse, we normally get to know the availability of the email ID we want at the time of registration.

Please delete some words from the post and delete my comment also Sewmouse, i know you are angry. Only normal and genuine people express anger. i am not asking you to be a fake or a saint. i am not a saint, i hate saints. You are a very sweet and talented girl, please don't let bitterness take hold of you.

Visionary said...

Billy, you have to be able to get it up first.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Now imagine how much fun it would be to attend one of those speeches of his.
I doubt you'll have to worry about that. At any and all speeches he gives after he's gone, the audience will be screened more carefully than any airport in this world!

he no longer has the full force of the US Government to protect him from hecklers and demonstrators.
There'll be no hecklers I'm afraid...only open mouth breathing worshipers. He'll be free to preach his hate...and he's going to make a bundle at it. There are literally millions waiting to hear about how "we should have killed more", believe me!

Visionary said...

PS. Sew, you speak as though being a cumsucking slut is a BAD thing.

Croila said...

Aww, are you sure you don't want to "out" her?? I'm heap big good at revenge, I tell ya! ;-)

Rauf said...

Thank you Sewmouse, you are sweet.

Anonymous said...

Your problems with Ms. Sanders are truly bizarre. Here's to hoping she takes the hint, know...jumps off a bridge...or something.

Anonymous said...

Rauf, Sewmouse is like one of those Sweet and Salty granola bars. Not bitter - salty and sweet.

BBC said...

Visionary.... I can still get it up twice a day so don't worry about something you know nothing about.

You know, you are a fucking coward hiding behind a name without a blog.

You are not a visionary, you are a fucking idiot.

Sewmouse will of course let this comment stand because she gets a perverse pleasure out of men calling each other fucking idiots. :-)


Visionary said...

Only twice Billy?


Give her my ID. If she tries to be me we'll know she's really nuts.

pookie said...

what do you think she can do to you by giving out your email? all the mail will come to your email address, but it's not like they or she can DO anything to your account, or to you. She just isn't getting her mail, same as if she wrote the wrong return street address for her snailmail. She's not hacking your account, she's giving out the wrong email address.

I think changing your own email would lower your blood pressure faster, and end the pseudo-war you want to have.

Maybe I'm not seeing the whole picture.

Maybe you're not.