Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Strange Things on the Way to Work

A grape limosine. Purple. Not just any old purple - deep, dark, Welches Concord Grape Juice purple. WHO THE FUCKING HELL BUYS A PURPLE LIMO????

I LoL'd

Almost no traffic. Gas prices under $3/gal.

And then 2 ambulances, 3 ambulance guys in khaki uniforms and Hi-Vis vests with a bright yellow backboard... and nobody in either of the 2 cars that were pulled to side of road. One can only assume that:

A) it was a training exercise imprudently scheduled for the middle of fucking rush hour,
B) some other ambulances had already been and stolen their patients,
C) the patients were invisible patients, or
D) everybody was laying down dead in the visually un-damaged vehicles.

I didn't LoL.

The local 18-wheeler truck driver school must have just had a graduating class last month. The rookies are now all in trucks and trying to back into loading/unloading docks along our somewhat narrow streets in the industrial complex here - and taking forever and 2 weeks to do so, holding up traffic in both directions during both morning rush and lunchtime. Asshats.

Fucking learn how to back your rig up correctly the first time or go park on the side of the road until traffic dies down. Truckers are such fucking idiots. Think they own the fucking road too - what with their idiot "This truck pays $XXX in road tax a year". Fuck you and the Geo you drove in on, asshat. Nobody gives a fuck. Just learn how to back the fucking thing up or get the fuck out of my way.

There is a cicada that seems to have developed a romantic interest in the fan that sits in the sewingroom window. Either a cicada or the largest fucking dragonfly I've ever seen. Either way, it keeps trying to get to the fan. Thank Goddess (and my handy-dandy-screen-repair-kit) the screen is there.

Marinaded some steak to make shish kebabs with in spicy italian dressing. I will have to do that again - it was rather tasty.

503 days


Anonymous said...

I love it when you express yourself. :)

I'm scared of cicadas and dragonflies. If I didn't have screens on all my windows I would wear a beekeeping suit and head net everywhere I went, even to bed.

John Good said...

(cough) Not ALL truckers are asshats! Of course, *I* merely handle a 26' step van, but. . .=)

Don't get me started on bugs!!! I've gone to war with the ground-dwelling yellow jackets in my back yard. . .

Who will win. . .?

BBC said...

In general, and I can say this having had an 18 wheeler in 48 states and a good share of Canada.

A truck driver has a job to do, and is on time schedules. He/she can't wait for traffic to die down.

And some spots are hard to back into if the driver hasn't already been there a dozen times and has a good feel of a place. It's especially hard to do a back up to the right with a 53 foot trailer in a strange place, many things can disorient you.

I went to many places that I had never been to before and in some of them I had a time of it even though I was trained by some of the best.

If you think it is easy maybe you should take up truck driving?

There are some cowboy truck drivers out there, but all in all what most drivers want to do is just do their job.

If you don't want trucks out there in your way, encourage everyone to stop buying things, including food.

And I would like to add that I've had a lot of stupid people do a lot of stupid things in front of me and I quit driving one because I got tired of being responsible for the lives of stupid fucking monkeys.

Have you even backed up a car or pickup with a camp trailer or boat behind it? It's not as easy as it looks. If you haven't done that I suggest that you try. I know very few that can do that, but the truck driving women do it best. Hugs.

BBC said...

Babzy is a pussy. Just saying. :-)

visionary said...

Could've been a swan on a glassy lake.
Could've been a gull in a clipper's wake.
Could've been a ladybug on a windchime,
but she was born a dragonfly.
In the sun she warmed her wings
and listened to the cicadas sing.
"The trees are all bending
in one direction
because of something..."
Cross-pollination by the legs of bees in the spring
is a beautiful thing.
Oh when the sun goes down,
the fireflies come out.
In a pond crept a slimy thing
that hummed a theme from the Rites of Spring.
Pity the mate of Queen Mantis,
so content, but so headless.
Katydid nothing but shiver and cry,
as did the dragonfly.
In the shade the gypsies spin
Among the cloves, they drop their skin.
"...beyond the hedgegrove,
over by the willows,
deep in the shadows..."
Regeneration occurs at a furious speed
beneath the white oak tree.
Oh when the sun comes up
the moon buds fold up.
In the sun she warmed her wings
and listened to the Rites of Spring
Could've been a swan on a glassy lake.
Could've been a gull in a clipper's wake.
Could've been a ladybug on a windchime,
but she was born a dragonfly.
"...ain't ever seen it, but i have heard it.
Sounds like the millstones when they are turning,
but every moment getting louder and louder,
and then there is silence,
and the smell of flowers.

Anonymous said...

I'm not denying it Billy.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

LOL! Forget our blood pressure pills this morning, did we?:)

Fucking learn how to back your rig up correctly the first time
I drove 18 wheelers for about ten years, until I decided there was no need to die from other's stupidity, so I went back in the shop. But consider this: You have a two lane road (four, if you're very lucky!), a loading/unloading dock who's entrance is right ON the road (what genius thought of that?), and you're pulling a fifty foot trailer, with a 20 ft+ tractor. That's a lot of thread to get thru one needle the first time.

For a rough feeling of what we went through, try putting a wet noodle up a speeding wildcat's ass in a horse stampede.:)

And then there's the cage drivers (cars) that pass us, cut back in a half of a car length ahead of us, then slam on the brakes to make the exit ramp, assuming 70,000 pounds of truck and trailer can stop just as fast as 1,800 pounds of car.

Idiots are idiots. Just their mode of transportation changes, is all.:)

Sewmouse said...

True, TFWY - but here's the deal. If you can't back her up easily, then spending 20 minutes jockeying back and forth during high-volume traffic time is rude and uncalled for.

If I was a cop, I'd give these asshats a ticket for "Impeding the flow of traffic".

I am courteous to truckers on the road - leave them plenty of room and don't cut them off or hide behind them. I deserve similar courtesy. Having to wait for some nitwit to try and back into a dock while I'm trying to get to work is ridiculous.

Those of us in the cars have schedules too - and timetables - and deadlines. Fucking truckers need to either pull it in right the first time, or pull over and wait for an empty street.