Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Identity Theft

Creepiness factor - 9 outta possible 10

Sandra Sanders wants to be me.
Sandra Sanders lives in Washington state.
She loves my e-mail address.
Sandra Sanders loves my e-mail address so much that she has been giving it out to many of her online business associates.

Sandra Sanders has a netflix account. Her password is now "FUCKYOUBITCH", because they sent me an e-mail and wanted to have her password. So I changed it.

Sandra Sanders wants to hear from Unfortunately, she won't - because I've unsubscribed.

Sandra Sanders just ordered some things from "" She gave them her phone number, her street address - and MY e-mail address. Sandra Sanders is a retarded asshole who got one HELL of a rude voice-mail message on her phone last night. I hope she shat herself.

I told her I'd cancelled her order (I didn't), I told her to stop with the identity theft.

I told her I was going to call the FBI and report her for identity theft. I haven't. Yet. I may.

What I DID do was contact my ISP and alert them to this intrusion, and change my passwords. The guy I talked to said that she can't mess with my account, and not to worry, that he would put a notation on my account about this. He told me that he will bring the matter to the attention of a supervisor. Visionary - does this really happen? I know you'd know.

The guy I talked to said that I wouldn't have any further problems. I do know that I am planning to keep her order confirmation with her address and phone number in it.

Sandra Sanders? If you're reading this - be advised - if you persist, you will be outted here with ALL of your information - address, phone number - the lot. QUIT GIVING OUT MY E-MAIL ADDRESS, BITCH!!!!!!!! DIE IN A FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!! KTHKSBYE

502 days


Robert Rouse said...

You Go Girl! Nail her ass to the wall! She deserves to go to jail!

John Good said...

I recently had a similar problem with a credit card - and I'm VERY careful.

Like Robert said!!!

BBC said...

Um, I'm not sure who and what this is about. But you can rest assured that I have never given your email address to anyone.

I don't think that you have given it to many people and I hold that in high regard and would never give it to anyone else without your okay.

Visionary said...

Yeah, I've seen it done a few times. Unfortunately in a lot of situations you can use anyone's addy. Often we'll try to contact the person and set a cease and desist into place. The law is shady though regarding email addresses. If you two share the same ISP they may shut her down to get her attention if she doesnt respond to an inquiry. Then they'll make her use another addy. If she insists on using yours, she could lose her service. Thats IF you two both use comcast.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

I'm not a shit sucker, er lawyer, but would knowingly changing things on other accounts not email related, possibly expose YOU to an identity theft charge?

Anonymous said...

Yikes! It's everywhere and always something different. I've recently heard of crooks posing as the owner of someone else's property and selling it to a 3rd party. The real owner doesn't know anything about it until the new owner shows up with all their stuff ready to move in and the crook has run away with the money.

Visionary said...

"I'm not a shit sucker, er lawyer, but would knowingly changing things on other accounts not email related, possibly expose YOU to an identity theft charge?"
erm.. yeah.. i didn't think of this but Future is correct. Tampering with her stuff exposes you to trouble. I'd suggest that you respond a bot more maturely in the future or it could bite your ass.

Sewmouse said...

I'm not worried.

The Netflix one, the first time I thought it was a phishing scam. Every time I get a phishing e-mail I give them my "account name and password" - which is always something like "Fuckyouasshole"

When I realized it was legit, I called Netflix and made them remove it.

The e-mail I sent to comfortplace just said that I had not placed an order, that this was NOT Sandra Sanders's e-mail and to remove the e-mail from their databases and NOT to sell it to anyone.

I called my ISP and talked to them as well, letting them know someone was impersonating me.

Then I called her. The message was very rude.

Anonymous said...

Maturity is over-rated.


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