Friday, August 10, 2007

News is No News to Those Who Know News

Another 28 baby tomatoes and 3 big ones. This month has been an absolute dream in terms of self-grown healthy veggies. I'm so spoiled, I don't think I'm going to be able to stand the months and months to come with only supermarket cardboard tomatoes!

I read on John Good's "Left in Aboite" about AT&T unilaterally deciding that lyrics sung by Pearl Jam at Lollapalooza that denigrate the Commander Guy should be CENSORED from airplay. Linky Thingy This morning it appears that AT&T is backpedalling like mad, Oh, it was an OUTSIDE VENDOR... they did NOT tell them to censor that!!! OH my goodness, OHNOEZ!!! *smirk*

As if I needed any MORE proof that GWB is planning to be the Kim Jong Il of the former USofA. Dear Decider is already censoring the media, now he's censoring the songs... WHY AM I NOT SURPRISED???

In other news - Laura Bush, and Jenna are writing a childrens book that supposedly pushes the "joy of reading". How about the "JOY OF NOT BEING SUBJECTED TO CENSORSHIP, Laurie? Of course, it HAS to be a childrens book - so the Dear Decider is able to fucking READ it.

Ahh, another bank statement to balance. Goddess, I love this. No - seriously! It's my favorite thing to do in my job. It's kind of like a treasure-hunt or a crossword puzzle. Just when you think you have it all 100% - something goes wonky and you have to reassess. I love it. Soooooo much more fun than account analysis or AP coding.

Tomorrow and Sunday are supposed to be badass hot here. If it gets too bad, I'll leave the cats some ice water and take off to the cineplex and see that Harry Potter film - or maybe the Bourne thingy. My personal movie reviewer (*waves at Lea*) has recommended both of them. At the very least it keeps me cool for the 2 hottest hours of the day. It has been cooling off nicely at night, so no complaints THERE.

Take care, eat chocolate - and remember:

A day without sunshine is like... Night.

528 days

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