Friday, August 10, 2007

The Great Mystery!!

Ok, I've been thinking about this rather a lot, and I got a lot of nice comments from the quilt pictures and all that, and a lot of people I've talked to before and since seem to be of the impression that it is just a gut-wrenching nightmare to make a quilt.

Bah. Not all that hard at all. Especially if you keep firmly in mind the fact that you WILL make mistakes, there WILL be spots where the points do not match exactly decide to meander all over several continents but nowhere near where they are supposed to be, and NOBODY ELSE WILL NOTICE.

Right now, may I just interrupt myself long enough to say THANK THE GODDESS that this stupid Blogger saves for you whenever you stop typing, because some idiots who shall, of course, go nameless *cough*sewmouse*cough* might just decide to close the damn window instead of minimizing...

Right. Ok. Back to the quilt thingy.

So - In the interest of being crafty without actually having to cut fabric, I am thinking I will post a "mystery quilt" here. This will not be some new, fancy, never-before-seen pattern, it will be pure, simple, basic patchwork with no real tricky bits. Something even a guy could do... *winks at the SO and ducks*

In the process, I can show all the little tricky bits that make it fun and also keep it "easy". I'll put a couple of different methods of finishing, so that you can choose your own difficulty.

The world needs more quilts. Quilting takes time, keeps your hands busy, leaves a residue of heartwarming coziness and anything that does all that is certainly bound to increase the peace in the world as it increases in production - yah?

So... Starting Sunday (yes, I shall actually BLOG ON A WEEKEND) - I will put up a weekly post in very, very, small baby steps - that will eventually lead to a quilt large enough to wrap up in for TV watching.

Thoughts? Flames? Ideas? Bad Lawyer Jokes?


Rauf said...

Simply gorgeous quilts Sewmouse. i wonder if i would sleep covering myself or keep looking at it all night long !
Your quilts are not just stunning, they speak of your peace of mind and tranquility.

Did i tell you about a Winona Ryder movie 'How to make an American quilt' ?

Rauf said...

sorry, i logged in from my mail account

Sewmouse said...

Thank you, Rauf. I sleep under one of the 3 near the top most nights when it is cold - I suppose that having made them, I find them not so distracting to use.

Randy, our musician friend for whom we made the large star (That "We" is me and Leandra) refuses to sleep under his - he says he will ruin it if he does, so he has it hung up on a wall in his studio.

I am going to make this "mystery quilt" very easy so anyone at all can make one along with me. This should be fun.

Anonymous said...

You've made all those quilts!! Wow they are beautiful. I'm very interested in the mystery quilt. I've never made a quilt but what the hell. Could try it, right?

BBC said...

I have never been interested in making a quilt. Don't suppose I ever will be. They seem complex and hard to make to me, if you put your soul into them.

I can sew but I don't have a sewing machine. So any repairs I do are by hand.

As for depending on blogger to save things for me, forget it. I don't type in blogger. I type all my posts in a word document and then copy/paste into a blogger post.

And then I print the text in the word document so that I also have it on paper.

BBC said...

One of my sisters had a sewing machine that she could program with her computer. She could do very interesting things with it.