Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Meet George Jetson.. Dodododododo doodleydoo...

Wow, already... I figured it would be long long after I'm dead and gone before we saw Jetsons style commuter vehicles... I was WRONG!! *grin*

I want one.

And then I want it to fold up into my briefcase.

531 days


Anonymous said...

Well I'll be... I guess if you live long enough you'll see just about anything.

Never mind the briefcase. I want to fold up into that six-pack on your previous post. (Not the keg, the six pack)

Sewmouse said...

Interestingly enough, Babzy - you can have Mr. Sixpack. I've dated guys who look like that in the past - and what I've discovered is that they are Sooooooo into themselves and their looks that they are essentially useless as lovers.

They figure all they have to do is get it up and every chickie in a 100 mile radius will fight to hop on. Sorry, not interested.

The guys I've dated who were built more like the "keg" but who had a bit more self-esteem and managed such things as dressing nicely and maintaining good hygiene were MUCH more concerned about keeping their partner happy, and thus provided a more enjoyable experience.

I've noticed that men seem to have a similar problem - the "trophy g/f" that they like to parade around with probably knows that all she needs to do is wink and 150 guys will strip nekid for her. Then they wonder why they're treated badly by them. *smirk*

I would FAR rather date a much-less-than-physical-perfection guy with a good heart and a kind personality, than a shallow asshat who only cares about physical attributes.

Robert Rouse said...

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