Friday, July 27, 2007

The Day The Music Died

And not in the good "UK" way.

My cats have this rubber fetish. No, not that way, you pervs. They like to chew on things that are rubbery. Rubberbands. Hair Ties, electrical cords...

So last night I'm having a case of the "clean up this dump" insanities and I decide I'll get more done if the Stones help to "Start Me Up". I plop the CD into the CD machine. I turn on the amp, crank the knob to 4, and .... silence.

I check to make sure the amp is set to play CD's. Silence.

I check to make sure the CD machine, amp and all other devices that should be "on" are "on". Silence.

I check the speaker cords. Chewed through.

I check the cord that connects the amp to the CD machine. Chewed through.

I wonder if there is a Korean restaurant anywhere near my house...

542 days


Anonymous said...

Oh crap. :( Worse than toddlers!

My Mum's cats lick her plants all day long. We've no idea why.

Anonymous said...

A Korean restaurant ?! Oh god remind me to never again order the "chicken" balls.

BBC said...

I'm guessing that they are lacking something in their diet. But I'm just guessing. My cats don't eat anything but cat food and what they catch outside, and some grass. My cats mostly live outside anyway.

I'm in the mood for some good seafood, I should go to the fish market in the marina. Have a great day, hugs.

Mr Farty said...

Heard in a Korean restaurant:
"That chicken was rubbery."
"Thang you velly much!"

Just doing my bit for the environment, recycling old jokes.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

When my "youngest" was a kitten, she had that problem as well. Whenever I saw her doing it, I snuck up behind her with a pan, and anything to bang on it with, that would make a loud noise. When I was as close as I could get, I whopped the hell out of the pan. Scared the bejesus out of the cat. Took a while, but now she doesn't eat cords. This is going to sound crazy, but it also worked: Those massage things you can buy...for a real massage, not the other kind? They scare the crap out of a cat when they are touched to the top of their head, when they're turned on.

Connie said...

You could always use a spray bottle as well, like the clanging pot, but then again that might cure your cat problem altogether. Water + electricity = fried cat!

Sewmouse said...

Welcome, Connie.

I'd love to do the pot or the spray bottle thing - unfortunately these cats are SNEAKY - they do it when I'm not home, or when I'm not looking. Rarely have I ever caught them at it, and if you don't catch them doing it, it's useless to punish them.

When I do catch them, there is this EIGHHHH!! noise that they absolutely loathe that I can make and they stop immediately - but they just go back when I'm out buying catfood or something.