Sunday, July 29, 2007


Going thru "the change" and having diabetes seems to be clashing.

There isn't much chocolate that fits into the diabetic scheme of life. Not GOOD chocolate, at least. Dove has some little candy tidbits called "Dove Rich Dark Chocolates with Chocolate Creme" that are sugar free, but they still have a bit of carbs and are not entirely blood-sugar-benign. They do come in Mint Creme and Raspberry (ick) Creme as well.

They're tasty, but they're not M&M's.

There are no sugar-free M&M's that I have found. And I don't want just ANY M&M's - I want PEANUT M&M's, TYVM.

I may have to write to M&M Mars and see if I can convince them that there is a burgeoning market with aging baby boomers developing Type II Diabetes for sugar-free M&M's.

540 days


Peacechick Mary said...

You never know, writing to them might just do the trick. So much is coming out as sugar free or at least no sugar added, it's worth a try. Tell them, it would be the patriotic thing to do.

Mr Farty said...

Thornton's do diabetic choclit. It's very good, I've tried it.

You do HAVE Thornton's in Illinois, right?

chipazoid said...

Hi, I came across your blog randomly and I have fallen in love with your profile description and blog. Please keep posting, I will keep reading.