Monday, July 23, 2007

OMG - Can you just IMAGINE???

I've come to the conclusion over the years that there are 2 types of people in the world. Those who think with their brains, and those who think with their genitalia. Ok, most women come to this conclusion fairly early on, and I will say that I did as well, but unlike most women, I came to the conclusion based on a conversation with a female (at one time a friend, but that's another story).

Most women realize this concept about the time they realize that 1) He doesn't really love them, he just wants to get in their pants, 2) He won't respect them in the morning because they LET him get in their pants and/or 3) Letting him into your pants is one of the best ways to get rid of a pushy boyfriend.

I, however, realized this one day when my former friend pointed out a man and woman in the mall, and asked me "Oh Jeez - can you imagine THEM having sex?"


I don't.


To me, it seemed so crass, so uncouth, so much an invasion of privacy. What other people do (or don't) in the privacy of their own homes is not only none of my business, but something special and private that just they (or anyone they invite) should be privy to. I lost a great deal of my respect for this woman that day. Over time I came to realize that she spent a lot of time working sex into conversations as well. It seemed it was not enough for her to just go for the voyeuristic imaginings, she wanted everyone to know that she was a sexually active individual.

I think this is one reason I, and probably others like me, are made uncomfortable by folks who insist on bringing graphic talk about sex into all or most of their conversations. I am as uncomfortable about this as I am about talking regarding money. I don't need to know, I don't want to know, and I don't like to know. Keep it in your own brain/bedroom. PLEASE!

One of those strange things about money and sex - folks who are getting enough of either don't usually feel a great need to discuss them.

Just sayin'.

Anyhow, along these same lines I began to think about one of the pet catch-phrases of the far-left "You're a racist!". Apparently if you notice someone is physically different from you, you're a racist. If you speak out against crime, you're a racist. If you are offended by criminals that illegally trespass in our country - you're a racist. If you think that drug dealers and hookers don't belong in close proximity to schools or childrens activity centers, you're a racist.

What I don't understand is this - if I'm such a racist, how come I am pretty much "color blind" when it comes to racial differences? If you have 2 arms, 2 legs, opposable thumbs, a head and walk upright, I really don't think of you as "hispanic" or "black" or "asian". The reason I think of Sudo-san as Japanese is (besides the fact that he is, in fact, Japanese) because he would sometimes speak to me in Japanese - or come to me and ask how to say something in English. (Or "What means...." when a new slang term was said)

But Luther was always just Luther, and Jose is just Jose, and Bill Cosby is just that funny guy who had the mischievious brother and now sells pudding cups.

Isn't this exactly what equality is all about? Where we realize that while people are, in fact, a bit different in their social or cultural attributes, and but although Artie is tall and Hubert is short and Gordon is fat and Oscar has a nose like an anteater, and Suzie has big bazoombas and Felicia has long hair and Martha has a wart on her elbow... we are all just PEOPLE? We all bleed red.

Some of us are going to be great at driving fork lifts (not me!!) and some will be good with numbers and some of us will be able to pass the bar exam, and some of us are just going to have to be doctors, nurses, lab technicians, bartenders...

And it shouldn't matter what color or size or height or gender. All that should matter is if you can (and will!) do the job.

With the resources available at this time in this country, it should not be a problem for ANYONE who really WANTS to learn and advance themselves to do so. There may be hurdles to overcome, financial or mental or even social, but if someone really wants something, and is willing to WORK for it, the end result should be favorable barring something like a physical handicap or mental incapacity. Taking personal responsibility for your future is key. The fact that there ARE black, hispanic, asian, etc. Doctors, lawyers, Senators, baseball players, life insurance salesmen... shows that it CAN be done, if the kids are willing to give up the "Whitey owes us, anyone who studies or gets good grades is an Uncle Tom - an Oreo..." attitude.

I'm babbling. What prompted this was a post by The Future Was Yesterday in which he also mentioned the concept of taking personal responsibility, where a couple of his commenters (far left, I believe) took issue with the concept, along with a couple comments by my cousin "J" during lunch yesterday about a totally unrelated topic. Strange how that happens.

546 days


BBC said...

Um, I'll try to find the time to read this with closer attention later.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sister Sew. I am completely with you on these issues. I think it's really rude to make fun about two people having sex. Is sex only reserved for the young and beautiful? I think not. Besides whether someone is having sex or not is nobody's damn business.

Canadians have been so brainwashed about being politically correct and god forbid we should say anything that just might be racist.

BUT, there is a big backlash now. People are expressing themselves freely and not trying so hard to make everyone happy. And if the bleeding hearts don't like it they can go to hell.

Anonymous said...

And furthermore, we are getting sick and tired of people coming here and crying about not getting everything handed to them. You came here. We didn't invite you. So don't try playing the race card everytime you don't get special benefits.

To the government I say try treating all of us equally and not just your special friends from India.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Thank you for the mention.

He doesn't really love them, he just wants to get in their pants.
All "you's" herein are in quotes to mean I'm not addressing you (sewmouse) personally
I have to offer a bit of defense for the male species, here. I played in a band for about 12 years. There were women who wanted us "in their pants", and made that readily obvious, every evening. It can be said "well, you played in a band, that's different." How so? None of the band instruments made those women horny. 99.99% of those women weren't looking for a long term relationship, marriage, whatever. Very few marriages are formed from meeting drunk, at 2:30 in the morning.:) They were looking for a one night stand, i.e. "get laid", exactly the same as the proverbial "male on the prowl." And I never heard any of them say "I'll respect you in the morning," either, I might add.

It's my **personal view** that sex can be purely recreational, if both parties agree it is for that purpose. I've never understood that "will you respect me in the morning" thing, frankly. You're not having sex for the purpose of getting respect in the morning; you're having sex because "you" both wanted to have sex. If one of "you" doesn't, then it's "no" time. If either feels they might be used in a disrespectful manner, then it's still "no" time.

I grant you, men whine and cry for sex far faster than women do. It's biological differences. Men are ready to "get it on" in X minutes (or seconds:). Women usually want a slower approach. Again, it has nothing to do with respect, UNLESS, the man ignores your wishes and forces his will, then we're talking about rape, not sex. If he threatens to leave "you" unless he gets what he wants, then open the door and say goodbye, unless such a shallow person is what "you" want. And after I quit the band, and just prowled the bars, it was no different. Two people went looking for the same thing, agreed to it, and that was that.

"He talked me into it" is another one that makes my teeth rattle.:) Unless "you" are a clueless virgin, and were lied to, then a little of that "personal responsibility" would serve "you" well!:)

If you have 2 arms, 2 legs, opposable thumbs, a head and walk upright, I really don't think of you as "hispanic" or "black" or "asian".
We've been sold a pig in a poke, on this one. "Discrimination" is only done by White People." Uh huh. Only pigs make polka dot skirts, too. My stand is well outlined on my blog, and I've taken up enough of your space, so I'll just shut up!:)