Thursday, July 26, 2007

Mother Nature's Flashing Lights

I love thunderstorms. Even the scarey ones where you get strikes near the house and the dishes rattle in the cupboard.

Last night we had a gully-washer - one where the rain just poured down in buckets for well over an hour. Lake Sewmouse is slowly draining out of my back yard again - at least I didn't get my feet wet on the way in to work. But the light and sound show was nice. No big bangs, just delicate lavendar flashes lighting up the entire night sky for a few seconds, then a quiet rumble, as if an extremely large, heavily-laden truck had passed by.

Soothing and peaceful, as the lawns soaked up the welcome moisture, and cool breezes wafted in through the open window, smelling of damp earth, wet air, happy plants.

This morning I plucked the sweetest, most wonderful tiny "cherry" tomato from the vine on my way to the car. Still damp from being washed in rainwater, more flavorful than anything you will ever get from a supermarket, almost sugar-tasting in its ripe sweetness. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

543 days


Anonymous said...

Good morning, Ms Sew. I love cherry tomatoes and grape tomatoes. I would trade a cookie for a cherry tomato any day.

There is something about thunderstorms and lightening. It's exciting. If it happens at night I get under the covers and happily shake and shiver and listen for the next loud clap. It's delicious.

Peacechick Mary said...

I saw that on the weather channel last night and knew you were in for a good soak. We need it desperately - please fan your arms in our direction.

BBC said...

I haven't seen lightening or a lightening storm since moving here. I guess those energies are just busy other places.

Remember some in Idaho when I was a kid. Have seen them all over the country when I drove a truck, but never one here. Don't know why.

I've never plucked a cherry, don't know what I would do with one. LOL