Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The long and (too) short of it

Ah, 3-day weekends. How fun is that? Unfortunately, the weather wasn't overly cooperative, and I had another of my "need to sleep" weekends. I wish I knew what causes it. I suspect it may have something to do with being overwhelmed by the sheer volume of housework and yardwork and quiltwork and paperwork.

I also seem to not feel too good after eating at home most days. This is a bit distressing, and I'm thinking that if I can pull together a few good hours, I may just empty out the fridge completely and wash it all down with bleach water. Perhaps there's some "science experiment" in there that I've forgotten and is making me sicky.

Every day that goes by lately gets me angrier and angrier at our government and the incompetents elected to it, and/or appointed by the Shrub. I wish I could get a better handle on this rational anger, and a bit more on the irrational as well. It's not normal to become physically ill at the sound of someone's voice, and yet I do so whenever the Shrub gets a "sound bite" on the radio.

I've been self-teaching myself Spanish using the Berlitz multimedia course. This is going to take forever, but I'm able now to read license-plates out loud in Spanish with only a few problems on the alpha-characters. I still have a bit of trouble with 4/5 and 6/7 as well. I don't know why - but I get those names confused in Spanish and have to really THINK about what word to use. I keep practicing, however. License plates are great because on the drive to and from work I see lots of them, they change constantly, and you have to be QUICK - or the plate gets away from you!

I could also ask someone's name, and give my own information, although spelling my name or address would still be tricky. The Spanish alphabet is not my strong suit, and I keep saying the letter names in GERMAN instead of Spanish. (I learned German in High School. I'll never forget the "dialogue" play we gave, Me, Z, Dave Smith and Denny S. - "Drei Ziegenbocken Barsch". Denny was the troll. We got an A+ for originality.)

One of the hispanic guys here at work says that my pronunciation is very good, so that makes me feel good - even if my vocabulary sucketh and doeth not swallow. I speak highly english-accented Spanglish, I suppose.

I'll keep working on it. I really would like to learn how to do this well.

601 days


BBC said...

Maybe we should all be learning Chinese.

I had a great weekend, hugs.

BBC said...

I have this theory that if a person is just a little messy and allows a few germs around that your body builds up a resistance to them. Otherwise they can hit you really hard. Well, it works for me, I'm as tough as nails.

Helen bothers me though, she hasn't got a fridge in her place and won't let me put one in there. Yesterday I took her a rice and sausage dish and a piece of pizza and I just learned this morning that she didn't eat it until this morning. Argh !!

She'll put a container of cottage cheese in her cupboard and not finish it for two or three days. Hell, I don't like if it is a day old. I don't know how she gets away with it but she's done it all her life and at 84 there is no point in my trying to change her.

You know how women get when you try to change them. :-)

Leandra said...

Another couple of things we have in common Ms. Mouse. I too took German in high school, but took French and Spanish in college. I speak a very low level of Spanish and tend to lose my vocabulary because I get really nervous.

I also want to study more Spanish for some reason. It's a good thing to do. Keeps the old brain active and all of that.

Sewmouse said...

Kind of like how men get when you try to change them? :D