Friday, June 01, 2007

My Timer Gets Attention!

A few weeks ago, Leandra sent me the cutest little toy.

It's a keyring, with a countdown timer on it - about the size of a stack of credit cards (maybe 1/4 inch thick) and with a picture (drawing) of a dejected-looking GWB on it. Yes, it counts down the Days, Hours, Minutes and even SECONDS until the next Presidential Inauguration - assuming we have one.

I hung it off the handle of my purse.

Tuesday night I stopped at Costco to get some prescription refills, and grabbed a big bag of frozen mango chunks (Sorry, Croila - I really DO love them) and a bag of frozen shrimps, so I had to hit the checkout lane. For the first time someone (the checker) noticed my little "fashion accessory".

By the time she had gotten done making a big deal over it, there were at least 5 other people clustered around - all of them voicing their approval - even a few who had been behind me in line waiting (which was nice, as I felt I had been delaying them!)

I love my little timer thingy.

In other news, AAA batteries are NOT the same as AA batteries and buying the former for an appliance that takes the latter is not a workable solution. I am pissed at me.

I will correct this tonite, however, as I need to go back to the grocery market. At lunch time yesterday I bought a package of sausage buns for my bratwurst. Last nite AFTER I had already cooked up the bratwurst and was about to bun them, I discovered that there is a thick layer of blue mold growing between the two layers of buns. They shall be returned today. While I realize that bread WILL go moldy, I don't think that it is unreasonable to think that buns bought at noon should still be non-moldy at 6 pm.

598 days (for those of you without cute little nifty count-down timers)


BBC said...

My timer is on a ladies (although sometimes she doesn't sound like a lady, smile) blog that I check daily.

Gasp !! You screwed up and did something idiot men do? Smirk. Are the batteries for a vibrator? LOL

Moldy bread off of a store? Amazing, it's never happened to me.

True Value just opened a new store only one block from me, big doings there today, won a free hat and got two free big hamburgers for Helen and I.

Hey, I didn't get my hug from grouchy this morning. :-)

Sewmouse said...

Aw, sorry about that - was kind of not in a huggy mood earlier.

Yeah, the bread was mouldy in the inside - the top of the bottom layer and the bottom of the top layer of buns. But they gave me a refund right quick and apologized profusely. This is a good store, it was kind of a strange thing that it happened. They were very nice, and I told them I wasn't mad but wanted them to know so they could check the rest of the buns on that shelf!

The batteries are for this little tiny teeny toy fan I got to be silly at work - ya perv! *grin*

Peacechick Mary said...

Guess the timer ran out on the buns, huh?

mango - yum. shrimp - yum.

BBC said...

Me a perv? Umm, yep. :-)

Anonymous said...

I don't think that it is unreasonable to think that buns bought at noon should still be non-moldy at 6 pm.

Not at all! More to the point: Has anyone noticed how much spoilt food is being sold in stores? I'm having particular problems with meats. Even at Whole Foods (where I usually buy my meats and produce), I sometimes get sausages and other pork products that are already spoilt when I first open them.

Is this just a symptom of our lousy food inspection system? Don't know, but it seems to be getting worse.

At Safeway and Ralphs (the other stores I shop, mostly for staples), spoilt products are being left on shelves long after their expiration dates.

BBC said...

The spoiled food thing may be a big city problem? All things are good out here in the country.