Monday, March 12, 2007

Burble Burble

Yeah, I know, it's a lousy title, but this is gonna meander all over the place so why try and typecast it?

Saturday was a total blast. Went to a sewing seminar where they showed us how to make our own "this fits ME" patterns. First thing we did was duct-tape each other into a t-shirt. You put on an old or new-but-unloved t-shirt, then you get wrapped up in duct tape so it fits your body snugly. After you're all wrapped up like a little silvery mummy, they cut you out of the shirt and voila! you have a perfect little silver "you" to make a pattern from. Easier than chopping off body parts, and no math.

Learned how to make cartridge pleats - ok - I was SUPPOSED to learn how to make cartridge pleats, but I think I'm still confused, but the gal who gave the seminar left her e-mail address, so I suppose I can just fire off an e-mail and ask questions. I'm clear on the first part, but after that it becomes a bit hazy for me and I'm not sure how exactly everything gets attached to the bodice without leaving big gapes for the breeze to waft through. I must have missed something.

Anyhow - it went on from 11 a.m. until after 7pm and it was a blast. Totally a hen party, and I've not been to one of those in years and years. Amazing how a bunch of women who have never met before are able to bond and find commonality within minutes in a sewing environment.

I've been hearing Sammy Davis Jr. in my mind for the last 48 hours. "I gotta be me... I gotta be me...". Never all that fond of the song, but it's stuck in my head for some reason. I suspect there actually IS a reason, and I've been doing some meditating on it and have come to some conclusions. Again the impetus appears to be my 3rd cousin Lois - interesting. She was the one who prompted my week-long introspection on my adoption-baby status back when I was in high school. And that's really why I need to do some meditating. Too coincidental to be coincidence.

Wednesday I'm going in after work and having some tests taken - blood test, EKG, and a chest x-ray. This is because on Friday I have surgery scheduled to remove a lipoma from my neck which is irritating the snot out of me. It doesn't hurt - it's just like as if someone had taped a tennis-ball to the back of my neck. Every time I lean back in my chair or lay on my back in bed or something, I feel pressure and it's annoying. It's a bit bigger than the size of an egg. Dr. and Surgeon both say 99.9999% guaranteed benign.

I don't ever remember having to have all this crap before for surgery, however. The gall-bladder one was from the ER to the OR with barely a step between, but the "female" one was scheduled and all, and I just do not remember there being all this much hoo-hah over it. *shrug* Maybe just the times they are a changing and stuff. I just wanna get it over with, so I can start all the fun of dealing with the collections departments of all the stupid medical services.

So I thought I'd give myself a break from politics, but then I saw where Deadeye Cheney was crying in his beer again that if Congress didn't write GWB a blank check for Iraq it would "undermine the troops". Someone please just ram a dirty gym sock down his throat, eh? please.

Every time he opens his mouth, GWB destroys our military even more. By the time those 2 bloodthirsty bastards are out of office, we won't HAVE a military left. Only a lot of used hardware with nobody trained to use it.

Unless they reinstate the draft.

Which would - I believe - be a good thing for Peace. If you don't understand that, you might want to read this because it explains my entire whacked-out theory.

May I just say here that the whole "compose / edit html" options thing in Blogger sucks rancid pork belly juices? Thank you.

Ok, back to work.

699 days


BBC said...

I wish you luck with the operation. Having something that feels like the size of a tennis ball on the neck must be a pain in the butt.

I know I could learn to make pockets, I could even buy a sewing machine, or have Rick do a little sewing for me.

But I got the bright to let Laurel do them as she likes to sew where as I like to drive myself and others crazy and never find the time for sewing. :-)

I'll check that link out.
Burble Burble
Mumble Mumble

Peacechick Mary said...

That T-shirt thing is brilliant. I'll have to try it. I imagine you tape it back together and then, what?

They bump on the neck is like the thing I had removed from over my eye. It amazes me how many things get an idea to grow just on a whim. Good you're getting it taken care of.

I will make a collection of old gym socks for the purpose of stuffing Cheney. They are holding the troops hostage to their money demands. I understand the draft idea well and it would get tons more people out there.

Take care.

Sewmouse said...

Actually, there are 2 things you can do with the duct-tape "you" once finished, Mary.

First one is that you can tape it back up, stuff it with foam, and have a dressmaker dummy that is exactly the size of you (ok, a scooch bigger, but still more exact than any McCalls or Simplicity is ever gonna be!!).

The other is to leave the duct tape stuff cut up into pieces, front, back, left arm, right arm, etc., then squish them flat and draw them on wrapping paper or brown paper and make your very own sewing pattern out of them.

We did the "squish them flat" bit, and I've got a dress in the works from it. We'll see how well it works - but the gal has shown some of her own work and it was gorgeous, so I'm hopeful.

BBC said...

That sounds like fun, I sure would like to help duct those ladies. I would pay extra careful attention to the hooters area.

He, he, he.

BBC said...

Your whacked-out theory about the draft actually makes a lot of sense.

But I have this whacked out theory that all the monkeys should just grow up and treat each other right instead of fighting over boarders, resources, and religious crap and then there shouldn't be any need for army's and wars.

I don't want an American ID, I want a world ID. Hey, lets take over the world, start the draft, and tell them they have to fight each other.

That should go over like a fart in church.

Karen said...

Sure agree with your political views.

Good luck with your surgery.

Saw you at bbc's place. :+)

Frederick said...

I've argued for a return of the Draft for similar reasons:

Group W