Saturday, March 10, 2007

Slap those little FBI wrists...

I'm not going into a big schpiel and rant here, because, well, in a few hours I'm off to a sewing seminar and I don't have all that much time.

Suffice it to say, that while George Walker Bush has always seemed too stupid to manage to actually finish reading "My Pet Goat", it amazes me that the rest of the federal government is so slow at reading as well. Perhaps THAT is the reason for the ridiculously-funny-if-not-so-pathetic "No Child Left Behind" piece of moronic idealism passed a few years ago. They just can't read fast enough, so they figure an "initiative" like that would solve the problem. I wonder how many "Republican Leaders" have signed up for the NCLB remedial courses?

Because it seems that they have only JUST NOW realized what we bloggers have been typing our fingers off about for oh... the last... what, 3..4... years?... about.

Particularly amusing quotes:

From Alberto "The Constitution does NOT specifically list Habeus Corpus as a right" Gonzales: "People have to believe in what we say," Gonzales said. "And so I think this was very upsetting to me. And it's frustrating."

Well... Fuck... Bert - we been telling you about this for years now. Maybe you and your amigos in the Administration ought should get yourselves some ESL or something, comprende?

From Teddy "Make mine a double" Kennedy: "It's up to Congress to end these abuses as soon as possible. The Patriot Act was never intended to allow the Bush administration to violate fundamental constitutional rights."

Really Teddy? Then why the fuck did you pass such a lame fucking law that so many of us told you not to pass - and most certainly NOT TO RENEW? Apparently your reading comprehension is sorely lacking if you thought for ONE FUCKING MOMENT that George Walker Bush would not look for every last loophole in that law and exploit it to play "toy soldiers" with American lives for as long as he possibly could. Shame on you, Teddy. Back to 2nd grade and Dick, Jane, Sally and Spot until you learn how to understand what those fucking bills actually SAY before you vote on them, Dipshit.

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BBC said...

I need to try to remember to sew that button back on my shirt sleeve today.

I should take a pair of my pants to Laurel Ann, she can fix the pockets.

Have a nice day hon.

Peacechick Mary said...

Excellent rant, Sew. I wonder if we should have a reading test held during the debates. In addition, I think Congress should be held down to X number of laws passed per month and they can not dump other laws into the ones they pass. Keep it neat. Have fun at the seminar.

The Future Was Yesterday said...

Really Teddy? Then why the fuck did you pass such a lame fucking law that so many of us told you not to pass
What they SAY vs what they DO has such a disparity, that I honestly believe whoever gets elected....will not do a single damn thing they campaiged on!!

Frederick said...

Chuck Schumer's right, Gonzales needs to resign.