Thursday, March 15, 2007


Many years ago I saw a cartoon in the Reader's Digest.

The picture was of a nurse, holding a guy's hairy arm with a bandage on it. The caption read "Should I take it off in one agonizing rip, or a series of excruciating jerks?"

I, myself, am of the "one agonizing rip" team. Get it over with. Soonest done, soonest mended.

I am beginning to see why I can never again be a Republican or a Conservative. GWB has shown that he's on the opposite team. He's inflicting a series of excruciating jerks on us. Good Job, Gonzie!!

696 days


BBC said...

Get out a nice chuck of fudge.

Get a nice piece in your mouth and rip that baby off.

Hum, I think I'll have another bite before asshole takes it away from us.

Peacechick Mary said...

Good analogy. I'll bet Bush grins whenever he hears the outrage. It is satisfying to him in some deviant way.