Tuesday, January 30, 2007


Um, Mr. Al Gore Sir?

And it's making me CRANKY.

(As if I need an excuse!)

So my friend Mike, who has this awesome business where he designs and builds hugongeous competition-quality radio-controlled model (toy.. *duck*) airplanes wants to add a discussion forum-style BBS to his site. With some fancy-schmancy features. One of which is to allow people to post photos there in a one-click method that won't require them to host offsite - just tell the forum post generator "Here, post this picture of my toy airplane" and POOFA!! The picture goes into the post. Not unlike the way we can "POOFA!" pictures into these blogger blogs.

Oh, and he doesn't want it to cost an arm and a leg and several major internal organs. Any ideas/help/links/commisseration will be greatly appreciated.

Check out the "First Church of the Ether" over there by Kvatch who is busily creating epistles for our sacred writings. Or hymns. Or something. Hell, if L. Ron Hubbard can pull off the fake-religion scam, I'm SURE we bloggers can too!!

740 days. ITMFA


Peacechick Mary said...

I understand that part of global warming includes some areas becoming ice age lands, mostly Northern UK. Something to do with the way water moves around the earth. It is cold, tho and even down here in Florida. We're all wearing strange costumes since we don't have the usual wintry clothing.

BBC said...

I have a model radio controlled airplane, I'm really good at crashing it. I hate that fucking airplane.

How damn many times do I have to have to say that we are god in evolution?

I will die saying that.

BBC said...

Oh, I forgot to say that it is pretty decent here. About fifty today.

Live in Chicago and you get what you deserve. That place is a total dump and I should know having been, well, everywhere. :-)

Sewmouse said...

BBC dear?

The Church of the Ether is currently accepting scriptures and epistles - feel free to contribute!

If L Ron Hubbard can do it with "Scientology" *snicker* - so can we! Think of the tax advantages!

BBC said...

Geez hon. I just don't think about taxes when thinking about how the world should be ran.

As for Ron, I know a couple that was very deep into all that shit. In fact she has been one of my best friends since I moved here and her busting out.

Hell, I would marry her in a Chicago minute, but her fucking husband won't die. LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey Sewmouse...sorry I missed this earlier in the week--been very busy. Thanks so much for the mention.