Friday, February 02, 2007

Ya know those days you should just drive your car into a tree?

This would be one of them.

I don't even want to talk about it.

My blog is back, however. At least that tiny single thing is going right.


Peacechick Mary said...

Reminds me of the quote: I was going to go skiing, but decided to ram myself into a tree and save the long drive up the mountain. Glad your blog is up and running ok again. Take care, Sew.

Leandra said...

Sew? *hugs* I'm working on it, ok? I have made some progress which you may see tonight. This will take me a day or two, but it can be fixed. I can fix it. But you have to promise never to laugh again at the fact the cow can't jump and gets lost so bad you need someone to watch her.

There is a positive thing in all of this. Trust me. I'm not blowing sunshine.

BBC said...

Hi hon.

I justed dropped in to drop off a couple of boogers.

Have a great evening.

Jules said...

That good, eh? Hope your weekend goes better.

BBC said...

Hey, feeling better this morning?

If we don't get any rain here today I will get more framing done in the camper.

Once the weather starts getting better things should go along pretty well.

Sometimes the words for word verification don't show up. Grrrr.

Anonymous said...

Hey what could possibly go that wrong on a Saturday? Whoops...posted on Friday. Uh, forget I said anything.