Tuesday, November 21, 2006

An open letter to Anonymous commenters

Hello, Anonymous commenters,

I don't disallow anonymous comments, because Blogger in it's infinite lack of utility does not allow me to have the option of only letting folks who identify themselves SOMEHOW, but not "anonymous" post comments. Believe me, if it did, I would.

Some of my commenters, like GradeSchoolBud and TheDarkOne are friends and I do want to know who they are when they comment. They are smart enough to have figured out how to post a comment and use a "nickname" to do so. They're not LAZY CHICKENSHIT SCUM who don't bother, or who hide behind anonymity to protect their self-image.

So, understand something. You CHOSE to comment anonymously. You turned yourself into a "thing" instead of a human being when you clicked "anonymous" instead of identifying yourself, in my blogworld. So don't be surprised when I treat you like crap - especially when you post something stupid or irrelevant or derogatory, just because you think you're all "safe" by hiding in your anonymous little fucktard hole.

And if you decide to post something stupid, irrelevant, derogatory, or that I just really don't like - and I am able to figure out from your post who you are (It's rather amazing how easy that can be...), don't be surprised when I "out" you by your RL name and let the world know just what a pathetic moron you are.

If you want respect, then you have to earn it. This is my blog. This is MY space. This is where *I* hang out with MY friends and co-workers and net-friends. If you want to participate, that's all good - just identify yourself. If you choose to instead hide behind "anonymous" like the feeble-minded asshat that you obviously are - then don't be surprised when I go Harry Truman on you and call a chickenshit a chickenshit.

Have a WONDERFUL day.


BBC said...

You tell them Hon. Even if I say something stupid (to others anyway) at least everyone is going to know who said it as I don't hide behind anonymous anywhere. Only cowards and ass hats do that.

You have wonderful evening also Hon. Hugs.

John Good said...

Preach on, Sister Sew!

Anonymous said...

I cannot figure out how exactly I did it, but my blog (same sponsor as yours) allowed me to set up the blog when I created it so that no anonymous comments can be posted. It clearly states that when you try to comment on my blog.

I have gone over every setting I can think of and cannot figure it out. Try writing the blog and asking. I know it can be done. However, my mind is like a steel sieve.

The Dark One said...

And on News at 11.. When Accountants Attack!

Sewmouse said...

Lea, hon?
Your blog is set up so that not only cannot people post anonymously, but they also cannot use a non-blogger nick like "the dark one" did just below you.

I dont' want to make folks create a farking blog just to comment, and Blogger doesn't give the option to ONLY eliminate "Anonymous" and still allow "Other". Check your own comments, I think you'll see what I mean.

BBC said...

They don't have to set up a whole blog hon, all they have to do is set up a profile. And if they have a blog with Typepad or another blog service I believe they can comment on our blogs.

None of it is perfect but I have mine set to no anonymous comments. Only because I was getting money making spam that irritated me. Hugs.

Croila said...

Sewmouse, have you looked at using wordpress.com instead of Blogger? I've had a play about with the hosted version of Wordpress (I personally use the DIY Wordpress) and I think it's absolutely fantastic. Seriously - if you haven't already done so, you should sign up and have a tinker. I can't recommend it highly enough :-)

And in the comments section a commenter HAS to enter a name and email address. Although I suppose there's nothing to stop the commenter from calling himself "Anonymous" and entering an email address of no@shit.com, right enough ...