Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Religion's "Right"

Yesterday I received one of those syrupy-sweet "God Loves You" chain e-mails from my cousin J. J's a smart lady, sweet and caring, and I'm pretty sure she didn't read the whole thing before she sent it to me. Maybe she did. Dunno. I don't think she thought real hard about the last portion if she did.

What really annoyed me was that she threatened me.

Ok - J didn't threaten me. Her e-mail did.

Started out with pretty flowers and rainbows and a little bunny holding a daisy, and all kinds of loving, caring, wonderful things based on the John 3:16 bible quote (For God so loved the world... blah, blah).

And it continued on to say how wonderful I am, and how much she values me, and how fantastic it is to be in the same world as me.

And then it decidedly turned vicious and threatening: "This e-mail MUST not be broken. You are Satan's Tool if you break the chain! Terrible things will happen to you and the people you love and your pet iguana if you don't send this to 10 people in the next 5 minutes!" (Ok, I made up the iguana part...)

Yes, Christianity is loving, and caring and wonderful - UNLESS YOU DON"T DO AS THEY SAY - then you are condemned, defiled, reviled and slandered/libeled! How Jesus-like! WWJT? WHO WOULD JESUS THREATEN? Doesn't that just make you want to run out and buy a hymnal and a bible and go thump on the streetcorner? Who writes these stupidass chain e-mails anyhow?

In other news, Some Moslem Imams got huffy and refused to leave an airliner when asked - then got even huffier when police removed them. They say it was "disrespectful", their being removed. Awww... poor babies. If they'd left the airplane when asked, instead of resisting and being arrogant asshats, I betcha it all could have been handled very quickly, very quietly, and with a minimum of fuss, and they could have been back on their flight and off to wherever.

I suspect they resisted deliberately just so they could make a lot of "Oh, us poor, misunderstood, DESCRIMINATED AGAINST Moslems!!! Wahhhhhh" noises. They're probably the front-line attempting to see how they can penetrate security and pull off another 9/11/01.

Oh, and now "Moslem" is a RACE???? They claim it was "RACIST" to ask them to step outside and clear something up? RACIST???? SINCE WHEN IS THE MOSLEM RELIGION A "RACE"???


Peacechick Mary said...

I know someone who didn't send the e-mail along and they turned gay - poof! Scary.

Anonymous said...

wow...so you took the not sending it as serious as christians take the 10 commandments...

you forgot #11 "You shall not break chain emails or you will be forced to think on your own"

Life is short...stop looking for things to complain about...

Sewmouse said...

Oh lookie!! Another "anonymous" chickenshit.

You obviously are reading-comprehension impaired - or unable to fathom the ever-so-subtle nuances of satire and sarcasm. Or maybe you're just another Chickenshit Xtian afraid to post under your own name.

Hiding behind "Anonymous" is SOOOO unclassy, Dipshit.

Life is short - quit trying to run it for everyone else and MYOB.

You forgot #12 - If thou shalt post as a fucking Anonymous Chickenshit, Don't be fucking surprised when you're treated like shit.

Anonymous said...

Ahhh.... the joys of those with too much time on their hands! Finally someone who hates those stupid chain e-mails as much as me.

Thanks for the chuckle Sewmouse!