Monday, October 09, 2006

Sucks to get old - I don't recommend it.


I remember when I used to have the energy to stay out all night and still wander into work on time and do productively. Last night I realized that just isn't in my game plan anymore.

I play this highly addictive online MMORPG video game called "World of Warcraft" - with about a dozen folks, most of whom I consider to be RL friends, although we live all over the country away from one another.

Sunday night is the only night that the five "founding members" of our little group can all be around at the same time for a few hours, so we do "dungeon runs" then - working our way through areas that are set-aside by the server for just our group, and battling significantly more difficult monsters than one finds in most of the non-dungeon lands. We started grouping like this when our characters were all "babies" - "Noobs" - and we've worked our way up to our first-ever level 60 (highest level in game at THIS point - pre-expansion pack) dungeon which we ran last night.

Well, we ran SOME of it last night. Unfortunately, this is where the "old" bit kicks in. Two of us ladies in the group (group has 3 ladies, 2 men), are over the big Five-Oh. And it's getting to where carpal tunnel, edema and monitor-migraine are making it hard for us to do the longer runs. Last night I had an idea, and it seemed to work.

Shortly before we entered the dungeon "Instance", I started a timer that had been preset for 3 1/2 hours... the maximum I wanted to sit and play. Everyone was OK with it, and we started in. What was cool for me, is that we actually hit the end of the nights' scheduled "jobs" almost EXACTLY as the timer went off.

What is uncool is that we had to leave so much undone. But my hands are still a bit painful, and I've got a bit of headache, although not as much as usual. At least this compromise solution is helping some. Perhaps with time it will become do-able.

For the Horde!!


betmo said...

my husband and his friends play the same game. his one friend is so addicted- i am shocked that he takes time out to eat. apparently, it is really fun. i wouldn't know- i am blogging :)

Sewmouse said...

It is fun, betmo. I blog for fun too.

Croila said...

Oh no, I can sympathise here ... When I've done mammoth blog-reading I get carpal tunnel aches - it's horrible isn't it?