Monday, October 09, 2006

Memories with Manda

My daughter, Amanda, used to be called by me "Manda", as I just really don't like the nickname "Mandy" (Barry Manilow's DOG), and she wasn't really a "Mandy" type for the most part.

I remember when she was in the upper part of grade school - 5th grade or so maybe? We had a string of incidents happen while we were eating at a particular Wendys restaurant. This would be the Army Trail Wendy's near Bloomingdale Road, for anyone who gives a rats ass.

Anyhow - at least twice or 3 times while we were eating there, there were really bad car accidents right out front of the restaurant. One time just as we left the drive-thru, a car started on fire about 1/2 a block west of the restaurant. After about 3 of these incidents, I decided the Wendys was cursed and that we were causing the traffic issues. Manda by this time was old enough not to buy into my silliness automatically, and would do the "MOMMMMM!!!!" thing. I know I must have embarassed the hell out of her, but I never did it in front of anyone else.

Well, Manda?? I've cursed a new restaurant, it appears. The last 2 times I've gone to the Baker's Square on Barrington (Dr. Nick - you might wanna go take out another gall bladder or something), there have been major traffic accidents at the stoplight right outside. I just KNOW it's me... *wink and a grin*


John Good said...

A bit of trivia on this one, Sew:

The story about Mandy being Mailow's dog was just that, a story. He just threw that out when asked, because there was no real answer. The song was actual a remake of a British tune called "Brandy" by Scott English (1971). It was a song hand-picked for Barry by Clive Davis, to be his breakout song. . and boy did it ever work!

Sewmouse said...

Wow, thanks, John. I didn't know that. But regardless, it certainly coloured how I felt about having my CHILD being called by a "dog name".

Kinda like calling your son "Spot"


Never was a Manilow fan anyhow.