Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Six Years Isn't Long Enough

According to Senator McCain, Bill Clinton has been setting foreign policy and "takin' care of bidness" for the last 6 years.

Ok, that isn't EXACTLY what he said - but exactly WHEN does an EX-president stop being responsible for the foreign policy faux pas and world-incidents that happen after they leave office?

While I am firmly of the belief that had this country not immorally stolen the election from Al Gore, 9/11/01 would NEVER HAVE HAPPENED - I believe that it was the election of yet another George Bush that caused that - I will concede that there may have been some possibility of a residual effect from actions taken 10 months or more previously to that date. 9 months isn't really all that long, and it is possible that George Bush was still "learning the ropes" and wasn't responsible.

I don't believe that, but I will grant the inconcievably slim possiblity that it is true.

But for McCain to try and blame the current out-of-control nonsense of Kim Jong Il (MR. Bad Hair Day) on President Clinton has entirely lost McCain any vestige respect I formerly had for him - most of which I lost in the last 2 weeks when he FLIP FLOPPED on the Torture Approval and Repeal of Habeus Corpus Act of 2006.

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betmo said...

everything in the world since 1992 is clinton's fault. if they could find a way to blame him before that- they would. no wait- they blame carter for that. my bad.