Monday, October 30, 2006

Home again

AaHHH it feels so good to fall into MY bed.

The last 2 days on the road were not so great. Oh, nothing of major consequence, and the road construction going NORTH was less intrusive than that going south (although comfortingly, there was construction on 80/94 through the usual zone).

I told a car mechanic in Atlanta about that. Nothing was really wrong with my car, but GradeSchoolBud had her hubby take a look at my wheels while I was down there and he had a mechanic look at my AC, so we talked to him. He couldn't believe it when we told him that I started driving at 16, I'm now 50, and that same stretch of road has ALWAYS been under construction.

Back to work today. I have GOT to pick up cat food, the greedy gits ate the entire bag of food I left in the auto-feeder. Thank goodness I had some canned here for them for last night and this morning. Although I'm sure the kid I had looking after them would have brought some over if they'd been out for more than just yesterday.

Meh. Mindi is too fat anyhow. (Yes, that sounds heartless - but I know they wouldn't have been starving and there was someone looking after them)

I may have to stop at the Immediate Care, however. I think some flexeril and oxycodone is in order - this back still hurts.

My thoughts for today are of how the Bush Admin has decided to make Shrubby quit saying "Stay the Course" (hehe - Cheney tried to say that Shrubby only used it "8 times" - so one of the news guys got clips and found over 30...). Seems that it is "giving a wrong impression that we are being inflexible"


What exactly is it that you're being flexible about, Chimpface? You're using the same stragerty you have been using since "Mission Accomplished" - if someone doesn't like the way you're running things and becomes "insurgent" - you just throw the lives of more of our American Soldiers at them.

Bloody-handed murderer.


Croila said...

Funny how American medicine names are different: "flexeril and oxycodone". Now, I wonder what the heck THEY are? :-)

Sewmouse said...

Flexeril is a muscle relaxant
Oxycodone is a pain killer.

They have like real cutsey names too, but those are the "generic" names.